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Little Nightmares II review
by Josep EM

Great game
«Blew my mind»

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Very good game :D
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
The Definition of a "Work of Art"
this is one of the best atmospheric games that I have ever played, I played the first little nightmares, but this one surpasses it by levels.
Definitily A Must-Play for anyone.
I've played the first one last year and I actually prefer it over this sequel. Little Nightmares 2 feels more like some leftover ideas from the first one, which are stitched together in some weird ways. The enemy design and overall graphics are totally lovely and some gameplay mechanics are pretty neat, but I think it would be a much better game if it would be as short and dense as part 1. Especially the "combat" and the last level are just super tedious and it's sometimes a little bit too much trial and error for my taste. Besides some terrible game breaking bugs, there has been a few moments where I just didn't know what to do. This rarely happens to me. Little Nightmares 2 is still a good game, but throwing in some cool new mechanics and that ending doesn't automatically make it better. Imo, the first one has a much better world design, story telling and atmosphere. Nightmares 2 has some really brilliant moments, but fails as an overall idea and concept when compared to it's precursor!
"Little Nightmares 2 gets most things right, from the unsettling atmosphere and brilliant character design to the fascinating puzzles, but the combat is a swing and a (awfully slow) miss. It’s a game which pulls you into the shadows, knowing how to get scares without slapstick horror."

Completed on Feb 21, 2021. I didn't love the first game so much and I was delighted to find out that this game topped the first one in every aspect. They used everything that worked with the first one, while also adding new mechanics and twists to the story always keeping you engaged. This is one of the best games in its genre and a must-play. You should buy this game.
«Liked before it became a hit»
«That ending!»