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Second Extinction review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Concise Review:

Fun concept and setting. Repetitive missions and environment. Limited enemy variety is my biggest gripe. There are about 5 types of raptors, a T. rex, a triceratops and the armoured shell Dino. That’s it. Average gunplay. Average but short progression system.

Journal Style Review:

Beat the first mission and I’m not sure how I feel about the game so far. The gunplay might get better but I’d say it feels a bit clunky to begin. The graphics look fine but there is so much mist/fog that it’s hard to see things. Shooting mutated dinos is a fun easy shooter concept though so I hope it has a bit more to it than it immediately shows. I’m hoping the upgrades keep it feeling fresh and with more upgrades and practise I enjoy the gunplay more. I can see the potential.

Second mission I used a new character and the mini gun and pistol and I liked the weapons and character more. It was better. I don’t think this game will have a ton of longevity but it might be a little fun for awhile.

After the third mission Im anticipating this game getting repetitive. 80% of the dinos seem to be raptors.  There are at least 5 different types of raptors but I still need more enemy variety. Besides raptors ive seen a triceratops, the heavy shelled one with the clubbed tail and a T. rex. Not enough.

The game has been clicking a bit more. The mini gun is great and I just unlocked the machine gun and the smg which both feel good. The gunplay has improved to passable now. I think the first 3 weapons I tried out were my least favourite so far. I also am getting a bit drawn in with the upgrades. There are some good ones I want to check out. That’s what’s going to keep me playing. When the upgrades lose their appeal I’ll be done. The game is repetitive due to limited side missions and dinos variety. I only ever play for about 45 to an hour.

Ive beaten all the missions now. Which doesn’t really matter because the missions all felt the same. It’s all just running around shooting dinos and pushing buttons in a similar environment. I have at least a few more missions in me because there are some more upgrades and guns that I want to try out but that’s the only thing pulling me back. Pretty bare bones game at the moment but it’s in game preview so it makes sense.

I wish the movement was less janky. It takes too long to climb up ledges. It does feel a bit stiff.

Fully upgraded the machine gun. There is nothing else motivating me to play anymore. I’m calling it. 

Final Score: B