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NieR Replicant v1.22474487139... review
by Laura

If I played the original when it first came out, or if I played this BEFORE playing NieR:Automata, I probably would've given this a much higher score. Unfortunately coming into this game after Automata I can only really see the flaws.

A lot of features that made Automata enjoyable are gone here. For starters, you cannot fast travel/teleport your way around the world once you explored every area. You have to travel on foot to get anywhere in this game, which makes exploration tedious rather than fun. It doesn't help that the world itself just isn't as interesting as in Automata.

Automata is one of the few RPGs where I actually LOVED doing the side quests because I wanted to learn more about the unique inhabitants of the world. By contrast, the human NPCs in Replicant are all so bland I have no interest in doing side quests for them and I don't really feel anything for them when something bad happens to them. 

Also I really hate how, in order to unlock every ending, you have to acquire every single weapon. All 33 of them. And a few of them you have to purchase, and they're really expensive. Whereas in Automata you can gain money by defeating enemies, here your only form of making money is by selling items and doing side quests. So you have to GRIND in order to get the full experience. Why would you do that?

I really feel bad because I wanted to like this game but whenever I play it I always think to myself "This is like Automata but worse". I shouldn't be playing a game and keep comparing it to another. 

This is not a bad game by any means; the boss battles are really creative, satisfying, and fun, the soundtrack is excellent as usual, and the story is pretty fascinating. But it's dated in a lot of ways and shows the original's lack of budget (the entire Forest of Myth section is literally a black screen with text that you have to answer riddles to). If you're looking into NieR you should either play this first and get the full experience with Automata or just skip this game altogether. Automata holds up well enough on its own and is just an overall much better, more magical experience.