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Beyond a Steel Sky review
by BlueBird


A huge number of interesting mini-games. None of them felt boring/annoying.

Interesting quests.Tasks on the level make the player think, tell the lore of the universe, and also move the main plot.


Terrible character control.Some actions occur with a delay or do not occur at all)

Linear plot with a phantom option to choose from.A couple of times during the game, the player is given a choice,but it absolutely does not affect anything.

An incomplete system of dialogues.After selecting a dialog option, sometimes it disappears,and sometimes it does not, sometimes clicking the same thing a second time will also appear a new replica/useful information, and sometimes a repeat of the previous one, sometimes a green arrow appears opposite the option and the priority in the list changes, but this does not affect anything,and sometimes nothing like this happens

The shaking camera on the stairs.The camera thoroughly monitors the movement of the model and because of this, it jumps up and down on each step

An illogical ending. "I made a mistake.I probably should have stayed. " 1 minute later. "Will you stay? No"


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