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Returnal review
by Devon

This is the PS5 game I’ve been waiting for. The first true exclusive and it has NOT disappointed. I agree entirely with the critiques about the lack of a save system, but aside from that very-patchable gripe, this game is immaculate. Each run feels like a gamble, but one that is nearly always winnable. I’m stuck on Biome Three right now as my first hard wall, but even after playing that boss a dozen times, I’m never beaten down to the point where it feels unfair. It’s always something I’ve done and instantly realize I’m an idiot instantly. It’s also a fucking fantastic use of a triple A budget, too. I’ve been excited for this game on principle, due to the fact that it is a culmination of a bunch of genres that have either moved towards obscurity or are typically indie (or both) and I want more of THAT exactly thing in triple A games, but even aside from that excitement, I’m beyond pleased that it is actually an incredible game. I’m usually more of a story guy when it comes to shooters, but Returnal dishes out just enough story to make you feel like you’re understanding the world more, even if you’re failing repeatedly. 

Overall, if you’ve got a PS5, for the love of god, pick this god damn game up. It’s difficult, but if you can handle a game that roughs you up just enough (not quite Soulsborne level, but just enough), then I highly recommend it.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»

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Returnal is a special kind of game, one which doesn't come around often. It plays great, sound great, and looks great. How did they do it? It's like when you have that run where everything starts to click and things that were difficult before become easy, and you finally beat the third boss. You know from that point on: you are better now.

Housemarque has finished act one.
«Just one more turn»
This game is amazing, almost perfect! Yes, it's hard but if you have some experience in roguelikes/soulikes, you'll be able to even kill some bosses at first try. HOWEVER, the platinum killed it for me... You need to find almost all collectibles in a randomly generated map, where it can NOT appear. I spent 60 runs (almost an entire day) doing the same run over and over again just to find one Scout Log, didn't find it and what kept me going was the gameplay, but I gave up. Still, amazing game.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
What a phenomenal experience and showcase of PS5 hardware. The game is difficult to the extreme and in my opinion doesn't offer enough ways to carry progression or even teach players what does progress (*hint - its the guns, but the game never tells you that). 

I started out loving it because I had some lucky runs, then quickly grew to despise it by the end. Mechanically I wasn't doing much wrong I just wasn't getting the rolls I needed or was getting spammed by the hardest fights in the game (b5 and b6 mini-bosses). 

Overall a great experience that I am happy to be done with. 
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»