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by Noke Raido

you should definitely try this game if you like action RPG.

–– I was charmed by the game's music – the best part of the game for me thanks to Takeharu Ishimoto, who made Crisis Core so great.
–– one of the darkest Final Fantasy plots, and I was pleasantly surprised in the end – the story made sense in many ways, and it's beautiful
–– I liked tactical parts in some missions a lot, that's and unique gameplay, though might feel pretty raw
–– a huge variety of characters and fight styles, but you won't be confused, cause only 3 of the roster are in a battle at the same time.
––  cool battle system – you have to react quickly and precisely, really fun gameplay for some characters (my faves are Eight and Sice)

something that's not so great:
–– I had to grind on officer (normal) difficulty to get to the minimum level – that's why the game feels sometimes repetitive, you should consider playing it on cadet (easy) one.
–– side quests are that kind of boring quests from all other RPGs where you should kill 3 these or bring 5 of these, and you might want to skip them, but you need to level up somehow, and they will make it a little more rewarding.
«That ending!»

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Really fun systems, a good roster of characters and a very interesting setting
Translated by
Microsoft from French
I did few hours of play on this version, but I finished the game on PS4. If you ever play this episode it's a very different spin off of the main episodes it's ever released outside of Japan (at least officially) with a European translation so for most of you it will be an unprecedented episode and nothing but for that I advise you but good look in detail this version HD. This episode is more nervous and also more difficult than another FF turn by turn, we can embody 14 different characters with their own gameplay and skills they are all different now has you to find your characters that fit your style of play and I advise you to master at least 5 characters because they are not all accessible at certain moments of the story it will also have to be well reactive and stay focused during the missions since the game does not forgive, an easy mode has been added in this v ersion since the game is much more difficult in its original difficulty on its original console on PSP. If you like the difficulty there are still 2 difficulties and new game + in order to have the best weapons and magic for your characters to make a 100% of the game, you will need 3 parts minimum, but you can skip the cutscenes. Now let's talk more about this HD version. The controls are more enjoyable especially the management of the camera with a 2nd stick compared to the PSP or it was necessary to both manage the stick and arrows of the left hand (what is called the crab claw of the Monster Hunter) there is also an option to refocus the a camera in front of you and a lock option that follow the mobile enemies, the camera was patched because in the early versions there was a rather unpleasant blur. Some shortcuts have been simplified such as the use of objects, character change and special mission triggers where you had to open a mini menu on PSP due to the lack of buttons. There is also the possibility to choose the Japanese dubbing or English dubbing (which is not the case of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remaster at least officially) that it is unpublished to you to see what you prefer and you can change it at any time of the game. Regarding the HD models of the characters, they are well detailed, but only for the main characters, because the faces of the NPC especially in the villages, we clearly see that it is the PSP upscaled as well as some of the history characters what I is more than a pity, but this does not impact the phases of combat and missions. Small precision to add on the PC version they decided to pause the game when you open the inventory when it was not the case on PS4 and Xbox one which greatly facilitated the game since you can use objects directly in the menu in order to RA enjoy improvements obviously you are free to play without it. Still on the PC version, they also integrated an option to increase the speed of movement of the characters so although some characters are heavy, there are skills in order to increase their speed of movement which I find not necessarily useful since it makes your characters unmanageable because they are too fast obviously you are not obliged to play with this option and I advise you to activate it only in the villages. Everything is said it is an excellent game to do but a medium Portage one is not at the level of mobile episodes but the fact that the game lacks textures it is nicer on portable console the game is released in HD version only so that the game is available out of the Japan at the request of the fans (this is also a way to counter the unofficial translation) pity that this version has not been more worked.