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Erica review
by ChallahBread

Holly Earl can act and that's great, I'm proud of her (the others not as much), but that's the nicest thing I can say about this movie. 2nd nicest thing to say is it has an easy platinum. Everything else is the very definition of meh. 7th Guest had better puzzle and FMV integration and, dare I say, better writing. Sounds like a dig but if there was ever a "this wouldn't happen in real life" sketch video based on this game, it'd hit all the points a person who loves movies would make. Not even taking into account that the game is horrendous to control with the dualshock touchpad and only slightly less of a pain using its proprietary smartphone app (would it have been so hard to make it more like Late Shift and save us all the trouble?), the whole ordeal would at least be worth it if the story was good. And it's not very good. Murder mystery buffs have seen better, interactive drama fans have played better, the twists have been cooler in M. Night flicks and then there's the whole "is it a game"/"is it art" debate that crumbles when you realize it's movie length and demands full re-watch-plays to see what if anything is different based on your choices which, again, have been implemented better in old school Kamishibai.

It's pretty and "different" and got an LRG release so I'm here to even the ratio before all the teens rate it highly for being "innovative." Not gonna say Quantum Break's TV show parts were great but they felt more rewarding to manipulate and that was a by-the-book 3rd person shooter. You can play those easily and getting all of the achievements in that didn't require expert massage therapy skills; seriously, you so much as look at the tp wrong and you've made a choice that screws your 3rd playthrough's trophy run. Would've been a "just ok kinda" out of 10 tele progamme on the BBC4 but it's "revolutionary" because it's on a PS4. Pfft. Meh if you have it on PS+ and only just remembered it because of the LRG sale, skip if you don't.
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«Game over at last!»
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The app didn't work for me.
Хорошее кино на один вечер
«Sit back and relax»
Completed on 20 August 2020

This game was free this year with Playstation plus. I think it's a okayish game, mostly for trophy hunters. I didn't got warm with the control, didn't like the idea either to play the game with the touchpad. Besides the trophies the game isn't that interesting, but you can complete one run in around 1,5 to 2 hours. I think I made seven or eight story runs for the platinum, when you have time and maybe something to watch besides that it's like a said okayish. 

I would give it 3 stars.
It's very rare to see a game in the interactive movie genre, and especially a good one. This is the innovative step: never before has a game combined the movie's narrative with quest-a-like mechanics within a literal film making process. The visuals are outstanding, actors are engaging, and the story is thrilling. Just sit back and enjoy the movie you create on your own.

Possible cons are a couple of stereotypical characters, an impalpable variety of choices, and the last part of the plot being a bit hasty.
«OST on repeat»