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Beyond: Two Souls review
by remitoid

The biggest problem with this game in my opinion is that it tries to be like a movie. A movie that could benefit from better directing. The game gives choices to make, but also forces you down a certain paths. Some of the choices seem important, but as far as I can tell they didn't have any impact on the outcome. There are scenes where it seems you need to make fast decisions, but nothing happens if you dawdle around for a bit and the result looks silly.

The are plenty of quick time events, but they are not particularly difficult. It is more about the story and the choices you make along the way. The story has a bit too much action and ridiculousness in it, but there are some chapters with less action and I preferred those.

Other reviews9

They story is bonkers but great and full of heart. The mechanics and combat are pretty bad, constantly find myself doing the exact opposite. Lastly the story was a bit long. But great acting, good action, and really fun stealth efforts. 
this game tried and failed where many others have: trying to make quicktime events fun/engaging. i'm not sure what it would take to accomplish this...maybe VR? at any rate, the good story is enough of a reason to play this regardless. great "couples game"
It's graphics can't be shamed even these days. Some parts are boring, just few, some parts you enjoy every second. Some parts you can just sit, put your legs on table and enjoy the game's atmosphere. 8/10
«Sit back and relax»
Probably the worst game I have ever played. No words can fully summarise how much I loathe it.
As a huge David Cage fan, this is one of the worst games I have played. I regret every moment I spent thinking it would get better. 
«Waste of time»
Wow that was an intense game. I'm always here for choice based narrative and this delivered. Compelling plot + gameplay that wasn't too difficult (once I finally figured out how to take it off hard mode lmao)
Back in the days had some good evenings on this one with my girlfriend.