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Rebel Galaxy review
by afitorres

 Good concept

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
First Of all: In my Eyes, this is a Pack of Mogults. On Gameplay: A Space simulation where you can only move around in two dimensions ... It took me quite a long time to realize that you can't fly up and down at all and how to scour the Controls ... Quite strange, but then it's just like that. Well. Otherwise, this "Broadside" combat mode probably could not have been implemented either, which is admittedly quite funny at first and reminiscent of Naval Battles. Unfortunately, this sounds far more strategic and demanding than it ultimately is. The Fights lose their Appeal very quickly, because they are always the same and, depending on their own Equipment, are completely light or impossible to win ... There is somehow no "in Between," thanks to the strange Balancing of the armament/armor That you can buy for your Ship, which are completely overpowering depending on the Version or just like Mosquito bites for the Enemy. Of Course, you always have new Opponents, different Factions and Ship classes, but there is no change in the Fighting. With increasing Progress, the Developers tried to deal With this boring, Everlike, surrounding, with larger Masses of enemies, who are rattling wave after wave down to one ... Unfortunately, that doesn't help much. Then you just shoot down a few More ships. Is still boring. Mining Is also quite annoying and unprofitable. Most Ship classes also do not even have a decent Tower Position, so that you can attach The Mining Laser effectively in order to be able to mine Asteroids via AND under one ... As I said ... The stupid Ship cannot turn right or left (over the head), or fly up or down (completely shamed). As I said, the Missions are always the same. Anything has to be shot up all the time. Always. There's nothing more to do. Well, theoretically there are also trade Missions, but they are even worse because they demand rare Goods in exaggerated quantities, with the Reward for the Mission being modest. In addition, one is always forced into Conflicts there, because the different Systems are full of huge Fleets of Pirates ... I don't know where they get the Resources from to quickly knock out such tons of Ships ... Completely exaggerated. No matter how short your Journey to The next Destination, you will definitely encounter Pirates. Then you up them in thirty Seconds and fly on. Every now and then I also had Side missions that could not be completed because some Parcels disappeared from my Cargo hold. Now to the Story: There's no Story ... And what you want to sell as a Story is completely contradictory and sometimes pointless ... You learn absolutely nothing about any Backgrounds to any or anything, the Intro tells more than the whole Rest of the Game. You just fly around the Room and crumble pirates. And then when you get to the Point where it's implied that the Story is deepening (because you find someone special) ... Bad Ad. There are always new Groups, but also to come to it, no Background or anything ... This culminates in the Finale, which is absolutely no more exciting than any Side mission. You come across another Faction that is supposedly so superior ... Strangely enough, their Giant Ships fall as well as the Flies, as do everyone else before ... And then it's over. Story to End ... Just stupid that there is no Story at all. I have rarely seen such a Half-hearted thing. To the Graph: Yes, graphically it looks pretty nice. But what helps a good Graphic when all the Rest disappoints. Sound and Music: The Tracks supplied Are not my Thing, but not bad. The Atmosphere is harmonious. And in a way, there is an integrated function to integrate your own tracks into the Music Database of the game, which play depending on the Situation (Fight, station, etc.), which I thought was nice and you could also take over for other Games. Verdict: I really wanted to like the Game. Really. I shot and tormented my way through these Thousands Of Pirate Fleets, hoping to finally delve a little into the Story ... Until the End, I didn't give up that Hope until I finally had to realize that there was no Story to Dive in at all ... That's so disappointing.