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Solasta: Crown of the Magister review
by MrSpanky

So much wasted potential.

There is junky but lovable low budget games and then there is a game like this with massive bugs, horrid voice overs and subtitles that dont match and all slapped together in a bland story with dialogues so basic it feels they where written by a kid.

Unlucky enough to have a party member with an aura buff? Enjoy massive stutters and single digit framerate.

Healing is useless and requires a single party member, or two, in constant healing on a limited spell and item usage system. Fail a constituion roll on a single member, on a single turn, against a single enemy, and your healthbar will take a massive hit, forcing everyone in defense mode, while taking even more damage do to lower damage output. Its a frustrating, boring and artificially prolonged fight system.

Sidequests that send you in the same areas visted before with no real rewards.

Economy and gear progression are so unsatisfying you will maybe see one new piece of gear on your party member, or none.

User interface is so basic they omitted even basic button navigation which hides endgame spells behind small single letters on the bottom of the page. Amateur work.
«Buggy as hell»
«Waste of time»

Other reviews2

played this on 2022 so the standards are a bit different the game is a 7/10 game the story is good, not exceptional but good, fights are all kinda the same not many boss is a hord game there are some extra mini games here and there however in the ending chaper it all feels the same but harder too hit.
just play it for the story and smashing some skulls, the ending battle is one of the lamest thing ever tho, gameplay whise.