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Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory review
by Loredana Tiedke

If you like rhythm-games and the Kingdom Hearts Series then this is definitely a treat for you, but casual Kingdom Hearts fans and fans of the Soundtrack can find enjoyment in this game, too. 

Since there are multiple difficulty settings for each song you don't have to struggle just to complete the story, if that's all you want to get out of the game, though it can be absolutely rewarding to try and master every song on every difficulty.

So while it can be - depending on your temperament as a gamer - quite annoying and rage-inducing if you're trying to get the full completion, it's really enjoyable on a casual level.

If you couldn't care less about the music, find absolutely no enjoyment in rhythm-games and you're just here because of the story, then maybe just watch a compilation of all the cutscenes.