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Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales review
by Curious_Cat

Haiku Review: Cool Witcher story / Wrapped in a decent card game / It is worth a go
Favorite Thing: A great story in one of my favorite worlds.
Least Favorite Thing: The boss in the final fight was way too cheap with his cheap abilities. I did not enjoy having to play an equally cheap deck.

Date Completed: 2018-12-25
Playtime: ~ 23h
Enjoyment: 8/10
Recommendation: If you like either The Witcher series or card games then you'll find something to enjoy.

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The start was quite good but the game is too long and get's boring. The real Gwent card game is much better so these AI fights are just blant and rarely interisting...
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Anyone who loves the World of The Witcher and is a great Friend of the InGame/Standalone game Gwint will not be disappointed by Thronebreaker. As always, CDPR whisking fans away into a fantastically and lovingly designed game. For someone who has read the Books, fond Memories come up, the Implementation of Queen Meve has succeeded terribly! The newly added Characters are unique in their Own way, too. The Humour in the Game, as you are accustomed to at CDPR, is sophisticated and gives the Whole thing a certain Something! The Price should by no means deter you, because for the 25 Euros you get a long Gaming Experience that challenges you well! All in all, a great Creation Of the Polish Developer studio!
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Microsoft from Deutsch
30h beautiful collectible card game entertainment. Consistently good, though not outstanding. Great Story, lots of Decisions with corresponding Implications. The Excellent (also German) full Synchronized Is particularly positive. Negative Points:-the bottom line is Noticeably limited Number of different Cards as well as especially poor Balancing Between them (some are simply simply better or almost Mandatory in each Deck, while others [conceived as an equivalent] do not follow. Can-felt too much Puzzle percentage, with the Difficulty here fluctuating very much and the Description needed for the Solution on the Maps sometimes somewhat meagre-resource Collection to further develop the craft/of the Deck blunt- Resources Abound Relatively quickly and you can afford virtually anything right away
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Microsoft from Deutsch
You mustn't be confused in this Game by Geralt von Riva, and the Action of the previous The Witcher Parts. Geralt has very little to do with this Game intane. It's more about the Story of Queen Meve. And it is, in addition to the super Story, mainly a Card Game!!!, similar To the Minnispiel Gwent, which is known from The Witcher 3. For diehard The Witcher And Gwent fans, an absolute Buy recommendation! One will find again many old Acquaintances who do not necessarily have anything to do with The Witcher 3, but rather from the Novels about the series. Packed into a really very good Story, with many Decisions which, as usual from The Witcher, significantly influence the further Course of the Game. The Graphics are perfectly fine for this Type of Game. I played through it ... Rather wanted, you always wanted to know how to go on, it was exciting .. And yet the Game just showed me the Paths I took. At some Point I would enjoy other Decisions, and their Consequences lead to cozy ones. Story + Gameplay + Sound + Technique + scope + 10/10 Points