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Boomerang X review
by Pelikant

Its like Devil Daggers, but with a full campagne and more mechanics. You fight waves of enemies in an arena and must kill specific ones by hitting there red glowing weak points. Die and repeat, easy and simple. Still don't know how long the game is (and no informations on howlongtobeat yet), but I was surprised how many skills you unlock in the first hours. My only criticism so far (besides the presentation of the story - I just clicked through the dialogue because I wanted to play the actual game more) is the use of slow time. It just doesn't feel great that you can basically use it all the time and that it, surprise, slows the game and fights down by a lot. Would have been cool, if they had bind it to some kind of ressource or deactive it (maybe together with the dash) in some arenas, so you have to do more jumping. Because of the constant use of slow time, the arena fights were a little bit too easy for me so far, but I've actually died a few times in the one I'm trying right now, which seems to be end game. All in all one of the best singleplayer fps arena shooters.

Edit: a little bit too short and the difficulty spike in last 2 arenas isn't balanced at all, but still pretty amazing and NG+ is a lot of fun!
«Just one more turn»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»