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Factorio review
by Christopher Tristan

I've heard this game called a "logistics simulator", and I feel that label is very accurate. A very addicting game, but keep in mind it's for people who like the idea of building factories and trains and figuring out how to set up all of the supply routes. There's no currency, no buying or selling, everything is a closed loop system. You have resources, and you can use those resources to build machines to automate mining and producing items and researching new technologies.

This game is essentially a sandbox to live out all of your creative engineering desires with no competition. I say that because while there is an "adversary" in terms of alien lifeforms, they're more annoying than a threat. Eventually either your automated defenses are so well upgraded that you don't even notice them anymore, or you get weaponry advanced enough to go eliminate their bases.

If you've ever thought of setting up assembly lines, production facilities, and railway systems, then this game should top the list.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»

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«Can’t stop playing»
All good games should leave you changed from when you went in. This has changed my brain chemistry permanently, I cannot stop thinking about it and comparing things to it, a real genre-definer game if i've ever seen one

You never stay too far away either, I'm always in need of another hit

The factory must grow. 
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
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you get what you expect here - automation that takes some thinking. the developers of this game pump a lot of love into it

fun with friends!
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Early Access Review Day 3 Slow I find myself rightfully on the Planet unknown to me. The Wreck of the crashed spacecraft is almost completely destroyed, I'm still a Mystery of how I was able to survive that. I could recover only a few Raw Materials, but much more than one Pickaxe was not in it. The Mining of the Stones is tedious and tedious. The Nights are dark and cold. The Planet seems abandoned, at least I haven't encountered any other Living Thing but plants. Let's Hope that stays that way ... Day 7 Progress is slow. I was able to discover some Ores, and with the Help of the Ore conveyors, have them depleted automatically, so that I don't have to swing the Hoe myself any more. This gives me Time to focus on my big Goal: Escaping from this Planet. But the Road is still very, very long ... The Nights have become a bit more bearable. Few Kilns provide Light and Warmth. All too far away, however, I don't dare, it seems to me that this Planet is too uncertain at night. Day 23 It is done: A first Steam engine is constructed, now nothing stands in The way of Using electricity. I had forgotten how elaborate and complex the Thing was, but now I can draw Electricity from evaporated Water. Some Lamps now adorn my small Factory. I already feel safer at night. But in the last Few days I often felt that I had heard noises. No Rustling Of Leaves of Trees or Shrubs, more like ... Screams of Bugs. Or anything like that. For Safety reasons, I forged a small Armor – Even if it won't stand much. I'll probably prefer to put up some Gun Towers in the next Few days. Day 45 The Ore Fields near the Crash Site have long since been exhausted. More and more, the Ways to obtain the necessary Raw Materials are becoming more and more. I had no choice But to set up a Rail Network and transport the Raw Materials to my Factory by Train. That was a Mistake. As I put the Rails through the deserted Landscape, I could now hear clear Screams. I'm not alone on this Planet. They seem to be getting louder and louder. I barely have a quiet Night left, constantly fearful of being attacked. I don't know what I need to adjust to. Are the Gun Towers enough? Day 57 My worst Fear has been confirmed: The native Creatures are attacking. They are only small and small, but I have already seen an Increase in their Number. I fear that Machine gun will not last much longer. I have increased the Number of Gun Towers, and am in the process of building first Walls to keep the unwanted Guests from important Parts of the Factory. But I was also Lucky in Misfortune. When I was looking for Ore fields, I was able to locate a new Raw Material: Crude oil. This should open up new Opportunities for me. The Creatures look beetle-like, maybe they're weak on a Flamethrower? It would be worth trying, because it is uncertain how long the Walls will eventually last. Day 83 My Technology has now progressed to the point where I can start building a Rocket. The Silo has already been completed. The big Goal is within reach. But I have to hurry up. The Creatures ' Attacks are getting bigger. They become more common. The Laser towers now require almost all the Energy to ward off the Attacks. Gun Towers I can no longer afford, too valuable are the scarce resources for Rocket Construction. Day 135 Me is running out of Time. The Attacks are no longer letting up. The Missile is almost ready. Energy Supply is in danger of failing. More and more Outposts I have to give up. Few Components still need to be added to the Rocket. The outer Walls have already been broken. Only the innermost wall is intact. Still. The Machines take too long for the last Components. Time is a Resource I no longer have. In the Distance, I already see the Fire on the Wall. She's not going to hold. The last Part. Howling Up a Siren. The Wall is broken. Just Minutes left. The Cries of the Creatures are getting louder. The Missile completes. I have no time. The Start sequence is initiated. The Creatures storm toward the Missile. ...............
The game is good but please, make something with this awful tutorial interface! I’m sick of closing messages that stop the entire game until you read them. It kills all fun the game can be. Look at Rimworld to find out how tutorial interfaces should work like.  
This game is over-involving. Once you start playing, it’ll be extremely hard to stop. You develop you factory and in some time this process turns in kinda meditation. You always find new ways to make things better or prettier or cleverer. You dive into an endless cycle of rebuilding your factory up to your current needs. Actually, it’s a challenge but a very enjoyable one. If you a fan of such meditative games, Factorio will bring you a lot of fun.