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The Turing Test review
by Darius Carriger

Played: March 24th,2018-May 5th,2018

Cool concept, but bad execution. The main character is quite boring and the environment is too. Blah.

Grade: D

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Too much puzzle, too little turing.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Review of The Turing Test The so-called Turing Test in the Game "The Turing Test" is the Namesake of the Game and serves to accuse a Person of test Chambers, which by the way are very reminiscent of Portal and have them solved by them. The Turing Test is intended to show whether the Tester is a Machine, or a human Being. At First I also suspected that as a Player you get some Kind of Rating towards the End of the Game and you can see if the Game classifies the Player as a Machine or a human being. Unfortunately, this was not the case. At The Turing Test, you can imagine a Portal without a Portal, a The Talos Principle With philosophical Approaches, but not with the Variety of ancient Civilizations, such as the Greeks, or the Egyptians. While Nice would have been, but no, The Turing Test Doesn't offer the like. Instead, you're on a Lunar station. Not on our Moon, but on Europe. This is the smallest Moon of Jupiter [], for all Non-space Enthusiasts. In any Case, I really liked the spacious Architecture, outside the Test chambers! The Turing Test is much easier and faster to play through than its Role models. After all, The Turing Test Is played through in just over 6 Hours. This is because, unlike The Talos Principle Or Portal, you get a much faster overview of what you actually need to do. In many Cases, you enter the Test Chamber for the first Time, look at it briefly and often know immediately how to proceed. If I have needed longer, which has not happened often, it is only because a Mechanic has not been explained in detail before. Only the last Test chamber before the Epilogue earned me true Headaches, so I even had to grab a Walk-through and MY GOD ON THE WEISE THE TEST TO LIGHT NEW NEVER GOOY! No matter. A bit of Difficulty towards the End of the Game hasn't hurt anyone yet. Speaking Of the End of the Game. I don't want to give too much away and I won't, but I found the Epilogue great! Especially since this takes into account the freedom of choice of the Player himself! Let's Just Get to the Pro-contra list for the fast under us: Pro: + The Graphics are quite pretty, especially Reflections and somehow I even liked the Lens Flare + music is used Skillfully and Sounds wonderful! + I really liked the interior Design. Looks all very spacey + Interesting Puzzle Mechanics that often combine the Game. However, I found that leaving huge metal Blocks down by a Laser Cannon came too little, was Fun + The Voice Actors made a real Effort. I especially liked the ONE from TOM + Possibility to decide imi Epilogue was terrific. As a Player, you can form an Opinion on the subject throughout the Course of the Game and then run it for your own Satisfaction. Great! Contra:-In The Prologue There were even longer loading times, these become less frequent and shorter in the Game, but it also does not change the fact that the Loading Screen has been designed completely desolate-near a Light source everything around it becomes dark. Nervous In places Prontra: +-I found Audio Recordings to have been made quite lazy. There are no Subtitles there and the Language Lines are not displayed correctly (I don't know what those Lines are called. When you speak, a Line moves zigzagging and if you are still, then it is straight again, much like a Heart Monitor) +-The Climbing of Ladders always takes some +-To read tablets, or the like, you always have to wait briefly until The Font is right The Turing Test Has become sharp, you can definitely include yourself in your Steambilibrary, if you fancy a fair but not too demanding Puzzle game. Would I flick over $19.99per for The Turing Test? Probably not, but everyone has to decide for themselves. I thank you for Reading and wish you a lot of Fun playing! ;-)
Three things I can't resist to are first person puzzle games, Sci-Fi and beautiful graphics. The Turing Test looked to me like just a beautiful UE4 game in space, but I actually got good puzzle game as well.

Like everything else in this genre, The Turing Test is inspired by Portal and has a lot familliar things. Same chapter divisions with lots of test chambers, "blocky" art style, abandoned facility, AI that guides us through. The thing is tho, it feels way more original than others.

Good things about this game are graphics, story and game design. While the first one talks for itself, the story is kind of special. It's alike Portal 2 plot, but things you can find around, like photos, voice logs and just dialogs make this feel unique. There's also an interesting question asked by writers: Is machine able to do the right thing? What is machine learning? What IS the right thing? You will find a lot of interesting references and phylosophical thoughts on these questions, as well as some curious moments when you realise that TOM is actually just repeating crew's words. Another interesting thing is that you actually play as AI, not as human. And in the end you should make your choice. As AI. Not as human.

Game design part is good in terms of guiding player. Sometimes, when I felt that I can't understand how to solve the chamber, I started to just walk around and mess with things. Just walking around lead me to the way that developers left for players and I could quickly understand the solution.

Bad things about the game: it's short, it's easy (because of the game design part, huh). You can replay it, it will still be interesting because of environment, but it won't take you long time to solve all the puzzles initially, and then it may become boring pretty soon.

Is it a good game and is it worth it? I'd say yes. Just because you can beat this pretty fast, I'd say it's like 7/10, but I hardly recomment you this beautiful and stunning game.
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