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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate review
by NafaryusDestiny

MHGU is the best of the classic monster hunter entries. Monster Hunter Rise surpasses it in almost all aspects, but that doesn't make it a bad game, just a relic of a different era of Monster Hunter games. 

MHGU gets one thing very VERY right: the amount of content. It is the most content filled MH title I've played and easily gives a couple hundred hours of consistently fresh content. There are 15 locales, 67 large monsters, 26 additional variant monsters, and a mind-boggling number of weapons and armour. In addition, there are 14 weapon types, each with 6 styles that alter their movesets. All the way up to G-Rank, the game never got stale.

Unfortunately, MHGU suffers from the design decisions of its predecessors, lacking the quality of life that World and Rise introduced into the series. Some weapons and styles are clunky and feel more like handicaps, getting killed on a hunt is devastating, solo play is near impossible for some monsters, inventory management is really messy, and monster behavior is AWFUL. Monster AI makes very little sense. You'll get monsters that use the same move 5+ times in a row, or monsters that flee from location to location, not even stopping to fight you in between. Locations are still segmented, as they were prior to Rise, which results in quite a bit of time in loading screens. 

A lot of these problems can be overlooked, especially if you're playing with a full group of hunters, but they're still everpresent. If Rise had this level of content, I'd choose it every time. But since it doesn't, Generations Ultimate still offers the most hardcore Monster Hunter experience to this day.