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Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location review
by Patton the Gamicus

Easily the best FNAF game with great gameplay and most character and soul put into it.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»

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Translated by
Microsoft from French
The new Fnaf is here! and this time we are on something very different from the previous... The game mechanics have indeed changed, this time not to be stuck in a room, we have the opportunity to move between the modules offered to us in the pizzeria sister location. There are also two new animatronics: Ballora and circus baby. Our work will be to do the maintenance of the animatronics, ensure that they run and repair them. Obviously the game is like the 3 and the 4, it is filled with secrets and Easter eggs, good luck to find them all and believe me there are! Personally I loved this Fnaf, it really stands out from the others, I do not know too how to make the nuance between the old and this one but what is on is that this game is a little wonder to play obviously alone at 1 or 2H in the morning in the dark;)
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
In itself I find the game very good. It is very easy to control and jerks very little. Have night 5 succeeded where many have said that it is impossible what I think is completely nonsense. Even the mini game is possible if you do not be too stupid. Just play the custom nights where I am stuck with Dolls Attack. The level itself is not that difficult, but there is a problem with BidiBab: Normally, Bidibab says something when she moves, except the third time she makes a noise (creeping through the ventilation shaft). And that's exactly what I do not hear, although it's clear in other videos I've watched. Sometimes she attacks me too simple, although she did not say anything before and also did not make a sound. Of course, I've made it to the level but it's not possible to do the other levels as well as Golden Freddy when you can not hear BidiBab which is very important to create Golden Freddy. I hope that's fixed, because normally the game should earn 5 stars.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Total good game but I find it a pity that every night Custom jumpscares are so every night one is set or 2 comes on the night ... I wish for FNaF6 (if something should come ...) something in the Kind only stop that you can walk around there properly And something like that has just a very different atmosphere, a scary and scary. But so totally awesome game I love the game I have 2 stars only the 3. Is very difficult ... Because you have to enter this private room and you get presented there as the CUSTOM NIGHT ... Only one thing please fix; at 5am for the 3rd star, ennard is totally fast and you have no vent or west or east hall sound. Even with headphones it does not work. To all: who wants to find out the stars themselves do not read on! 1 story normal durchzocken 2 minigame create ... right of the main menu button of the extras just press 3 when baby says: you have to follow my instructions in funtime ardotorium. (So ​​if you're in this dark room) keep pushing right over FLASH BEACON ... at some point ne agree Access says greated and then just play like in FNaF 1 And then you have the CUSTOM Night You're welcome and bye