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OKAMI HD review
by JustCozzie

Possibly my all time favourite game, definitely my favourite Zelda-like (including the actual Zelda series). I've played this through to 100% completion with every rerelease it's come out with and that probably works out to 150 hours that I've enjoyed every second of. This is without a doubt the most beautiful game to exist: the character designs, artstyle, music, and environments that are each more gorgeous than the last make it a joy to look at and being made by the predecessor to Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Metal Gear Revengeance, Wonderful 101) you better believe it plays like a dream too.

The scenarios and locations you visit are imaginative in a way that means you'd never predict some of the places you end up and even by the highly important (to me) metric of how good the fishing minigame is it's still way up there. The only negative is the re-use of boss fights. They're all excellent the first time round but - thanks to a boss rush at the end of the game - some you face three times with only minor changes.

The best way to play is still an emulated version of the PS2 original as all later releases are missing the climactic ending song, but, really, just go grab whichever version you'd like, this is a perfectly fine port other than that one tiny niggle (although it is disappointing that the Switch version chooses not to use the Celestial Brush pointer controls that could've made it THE definitive version).
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I need to finish this game. It’s beautiful and fun. I just have a habit of not finishing games. Still a super fun game that you should play for the aesthetics alone. The solid gameplay is literally a bonus.
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Not just the best Game of my entire Youth .. The best Game OUT! Even then, when Okami was released for the Wii, I absolutely have it. I will never forget this Christmas Eve .. God, I've been mucking through all Night .. Until all The batteries for the Wii remote were empty, haha. :D This Game is something very special. It has a unique Charm and Graphic Style that captivates you directly. You sit on the Story for quite a while, in addition, it's just nice to Howl < 3 There's so much to discover and try out that you almost can't get behind it anymore. But what is anything but negative, because you have something to do all the time. Even the Music exudes such an incredible Calmness that every Time I catch myself slipping into a Kind of Trance State. But no matter how many times I've already muddled this Game. It just never gets boring. Every Time I look forward to this beautiful, colorful World in which you swinging the divine Brush and expelling evil. There are so many funny Features built into this Game; For example, you can just bark around pointlessly, take smaller Animals is Mouth and have them clapping back on the Ground, or peeing On demons. Even during the Gameplay, there are so many funny Scenes and Sayings that sweeten the Day. For me, there is not a single Reason not to recommend this Game, quite the Opposite. Man MUST just played it! Especially now that it has been reset in HD. Buy it, play it, love it! < 3 < 3 < 3
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OKAMI HD The HD Remake to the Original "OKAMI" DEFINITELY stands out for its incredibly good PC port. There are no Problems Playing, and the Resolution can be more than seen. The uniquely beautiful Graphic Style, which is very reminiscent of current Titles such as Windwaker HD or Ori And The Blind Forest, is even more impressive in HD resolution than it was on PlayStation 2 at the Time. The Gameplay is something you've never seen before due to the so-called "Brush technique." In The active Combat System, you can switch between Melee combat in The Form of Weapons and Long-distance combat in the form of brush techniques in the middle Of Battle and thus combine your Attacks with each other. This creates dynamic Duels and makes the Gameplay more gripping and fun at the same time. The Story is for steering the entire Game over a Wolf that never gives even a Sound except "WauWau" and "WuffWuff" so undefeated well that it could pack me again even after the fifth Run. The Characters you meet throughout the Game world have all their Quirks and have a strong Recognition Value for the Player. The Chemistry between Player and Game Character just fits. Of course, the Side-kick of our Wolf Ameterasu, Issun, must not be forgotten, which always has something to say even in epic and/dangerous Situations. After about ten Years I played this Game again and not a single Second regretted having played it. Even then, this Game was number one. And today, bigger than ever, it returns to No 1 of my absolute Favourite Games. -BEWERTING 10/10 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ EXTRAPUNKTE FOR: Story + 0.5 Character Arc + 0.5 Gameplay + 1 Scale + 1-GESAMTBEWERTING 13/10
I love the art style! And that’s pretty much it. I have tried Okami multiple times, but I may give up finally. It is often compared to Zelda, so this brings me back and makes me try it again and againg. But believe me, there’s not much in common. The controls are awkward, the dialogues are annoying, the graphics is beautiful but it’s hard to understand what’s going on, finally, the tasks are dull and unclear. Go play a Zelda.
It’s like a Zelda game, but you are a dog! What else do you need? No, seriously, the game deserves your attention. It has amazing art, marvellous soundtrack and cool characters. The story drags a bit in the third part, but I still enjoyed it. My advice is *do not* rush the game. It’s relatively long, over 30 hours in my experience, so it is easy to get a bit bored if you rush it.