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Octopath Traveler review
by Curious_Cat

I avoided this game for a long while due to lukewarm reviews. I'm glad it came to Game Pass and I could finally try it. But for some games I have a (seemingly) euphoric revelation where I ask myself if I am still enjoying the game and can see myself playing for another however many hours. In this case the answer was no. The story is almost non-existent, instead there are 8 mini stories, and the characters barely acknowledge one another. The lack of xp for "idle" party members and the insistence on grinding would have been better left in the 90s. You can make a retro JRPG without adopting the terrible mechanics some of them used.

Date Dropped: 2021-08-24
Playtime: 23h
Enjoyment: 5/10
Recommendation: Unless you absolutely swoon at the mention of 90s era JRPGs, no.

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my first switch game. one of the best modern jrpg.
A breathtaking JRPG, both in visuals and sound. Its combat design is quite good, but I found the story a bit generic. Still a must play for any JRPG fan. 8/10
i love all the protagonists equally :)

olberic: strong and stoic
cyrus: keeps dying but thats ok i forgive him because hes :)
tressa: sweet
primrose: props to her for stabbing. go queen go
therion: see above
h'aanit: awoke something in me
«OST on repeat»
The game has a problem with difficulty, at least the way I played it. I made a party of four of the eight characters, played their stories through to the end and then started playing with the other four characters. This resulted in me having very high level gear (and jobs) against very low level opponents, which trivialised all fights, even the final boss at the end of each character's story.
Regardless of this "mistake" I made, the game still is less challenging than I was hoping. I read reviews claiming every fight would be a little puzzle, and this may true at the very start of the game (and for certain bosses), but once you find a certain groove and have a decent weapon and elemental spread, fights are a cakewalk and the challenge merely comes from SP management for your magic classes.

Aside from the difficulty, most of the characters and storylines didn't really impress me. I liked Tressa the merchant, who is always positive and her story is a fun adventure, and I liked Cyrus the scholar, who bores people to sleep with his blabbering and who is unaware of his attractiveness. The more serious stuff, however, doesn't hit the mark, in part because of the decent but unimpressive voice acting.

I sound quite negative, but I think I would still recommend the game (though only just). It looks amazing, there are some very catchy songs and it feels exhilarating to immobilize a boss (and there are more than forty) by breaking their shield through carefully measured attacks, right before their big finishing blow! Just don't buy the game at full price, 60 euros is too much. Look for a 50% discount.
Square Enix's call back RPG is nostalgic and fun. Sadly the fat back end and a little slow burning keeps in from being mind blowing but does not stop it from being a good time worth your time. Also the music is damn good.
Sound Track
«OST on repeat»
I wish I could have let myself get lost in Octopath Traveler. The music, the art style and the engaging combat all made me desire this all the more, but I just cannot commit myself to the hours of grinding that this game would require and that is something to with my taste shifting towards shorter, more curated experiences.  

+ Unique beautiful visual style; strong musical score
+ Intuitive combat with just right amount of complexity for JRPG newcomer
+ Chapter style breaks up nicely for portable play
+ Variety in character

- Story never grabbed me; no cross over
- Repetitive structure