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Hades review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Concise Review:

Satisfying, clever, engaging, addicting and very very fun. The combat feels tight, responsive and dynamic. The progression is very well done. The number of different builds is incredible. I loved experimenting with different strategies. The story, voice acting and writing is surprising well done. The longevity was amazing. Fucking great game.

Final Score: A-

Journal Style Review:

First impressions. The art style looks nice enough. The gameplay feels tight. We will see if the game does a good job at bringing me back. 

I can tell what people are talking about after my first night of playing. It’s really good. It’s addictive. I’m really enjoying figuring out what all the different symbols mean and how to spend the various points. The combat is fast and feels great. It’s hard to describe why it feels good but it does.

I’m loving coming up with new builds that mesh well together. I feel smart finding synergies and there is a lot to experiment with. Also the writing is funny and the voice actors are really good. Talking to the characters has been entertaining rather than a chore.

I don’t think I’m as good as I should be. But I’m also using a different weapon every game. Which I’m enjoying but I know I’d be able to progress further if I used my most successful weapons consistently. I change it up every time to get the bonus purple gems and to keep it fresh.

I’ve made it to hades twice now. Havnt won yet. Once with a bow doom build that was insane and once with the gun with chill. Range weapons are the best I think. They have some interesting builds and the distance makes it easier to stay high on health.

I’ve fought hades three times now. I was super close this last time. I had the rail gun with Zeus and Poseidon mainly. There was some good synergy. I beat hades once but then on the second health bar I was like a 6th of a bar left. Very close. I blew it too. I had such a good build and I started with 4 revives and full health. I was set. A lot of fun though. This game is great. I can’t wait to try again. At this point I feel like I want to escape with every weapon at least once. It’s hard to tell how long I will enjoy this game but I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon as of now.

Got my first escape. Used the bow and Zeus as a primary. It was great. I’m still motivated to keep playing. I’m going to try to escape with every weapon. I might do some bounties as well when I want to use my favourite weapons again.

After beating hades for the first time I won the next 4 in a row. Shield, rail, spear and bow with heat. I’m still loving this game.

Bow is my best weapon, I have 3 clears with the bow. Rail gun is second best. I just had my best escape yet for most health remaining. It was a fast attack speed doom build and it was insane. Still loving the game. Still staying up late playing just one more run. This game is climbing the ranks. High A-.

Just beat the mains story and got the credits. I actually liked it. It’s a clever ending. And I still want to keep playing. I followed it up with my best bow build yet on heat 3. It was a breeze. My build was unreal. 

15 escapes and I’m still enjoying the game. I still find reasons to keep playing. It still feels like there are new builds to make and new weapons upgrades to try out.

24 escapes. I’m slowing down now which makes sense but wow I’m surprised how long I’ve wanted to play this game. I don’t think im fully done yet either. But I am starting to feel like I’ve run out of new unique builds. 

I’m putting it down for now but I can see myself returning for more runs in the future every so often. Loved this game.

Picked it up again after a short break. 50 clears now. A short break made the builds feel fresh again. I don’t know when but I’m confident I’m going to come back again.

I’ve now played over 100 runs. I feel similarly towards hades as I did towards Warzone back in 2019/2020. I just keep returning. I will have a couple other games on the go but I still would rather do another run Hades. This is the highest compliment I can give. Fantastic game. I fucking love it. 

Final Score: A-

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