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Death's Door review
by TheEmperorsEyebrows

One of those games without any real flaws that perfects what it sets out to do. 
«Blew my mind»
«OST on repeat»

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Death's Door is exactly what it wants to be: a well-crafted Zelda-like full of mystery and intrigue. Its laser sharp focus, appealing visuals, witty storytelling, and thoughtful level design make it the best $20 I've spent this year.

 It's hard to find a flaw in Death's Door. Its simple premise and mechanics are used to their fullest, the level/dungeon design is satisfying and smart, the animations are cute and full of flavor, the visual style is varied and never tiring to look at, and the witty writing compliments the mostly light-hearted experience. I completed 100% of the game and 23/24 achievements in 12 hours, which included a "true" ending in the prologue. The mystery surrounding the true ending scratched all the right spots for me, reminding me of games like Fez and Hollow Knight.

 If you're a fan of Zelda titles, metroidvanias, and their like, then Death's Door is for you. It can be fairly challenging at times, so be aware this might not be accessible to everyone.