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Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part Two review
by stackjack

Been a bit since I finished these DLCs but I'll throw down a few thoughts real quick. Part One was definitely much harder than this. I think more satisfying as well. I definitely like that they ramped up the combat in these from the base game. Love fighting 2 axebros at once (Side note: I genuinely get excited when one of them pops up, love wrecking these fools). Final bosses in both DLCs are kind of annoying. Story spoilers below.

I'm really surpised they tied off pretty much all the main story events with these DLCs. Definitely could've squeezed out another full game from this, but I kind of like this model. I do think the Dark Lord arc was much more underwhelming than it should have been though. Pretty lame reveal if you ask me. I'm definitely excited to see where the story could go in the future though with the elemental wraiths and world spear. Goodass series
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fun dlc to finish the story of eternal. the last boss was frustarting compare to other of the main game. Overall i u want more ternal this is what it s