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Carmageddon review
by sanriocry

Poor carmageddon, it deserves better
«Just one more turn»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Being Able to play this sacred beast of my childhood on portable devices, and thus rediscover a game still unprejudiced, desecrating and always fun, is a wonderful thing... Large! What about the app... Porting faithful and well done: the commands there I found comfortable, beautiful replay mode with variable speeds, nice even the live map for a quick consultation, great the fact that you synchronize with iCloud game data, so you have them on each device. Recommended to relax and let off steam, easy level if you just want the brutal vent is normal if you also want a pinch of challenge in the gameplay (as I play on the touchscreen, these are the two optimal levels).