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Terrain of Magical Expertise review
by Querty

Don't waste your precious time on this, if you're curious about it go watch some videos instead. I liked the game in the beginning, then started to force myself to finish it (even it all those nasty bugs) because of the sunken cost fallacy until it soft-locked after a mandatory battle, making it impossible to beat. After that, I just gave up. Here are some noteworthy points:

The Brawler class is absolutely useless. It uses a combo system for melee attacks that's hard as hell to execute properly, and even if you do it only gives 1 damage. It's only useful to replenish MP and even so, items do it better.
All battles have a timer on them, so if need to do something else (like go to the bathroom) sucks to be you.
Battles only give money (Netti), and in such a low amount that's better for you to skip them all and use the casino instead. By the way, the casino only accepts bets in increments of 10 so if you want to, say, bet 3000 bucks, be ready to waste your fingers.
No way to change your dojo skills. You thought some skill was useful in training but found out it is trash on real battles? Pray that's useful against some of the unbalanced bosses, or you'll be stuck forever on them.
Whoever had the idea to make the mansion level deserves to be shot. Unskippable battles against hard enemies that chase you and have a buggy detection system that forces you to beat them 20 times when they teleport? And all for a cube that should unlock a secret boss, but don't because its appearance is also bugged? Oh yeah, this is the life!
The story is pretty good, but sometimes it takes itself too seriously forcing drama only to make the plot seem mature and complex.
«Buggy as hell»
«Waste of time»