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Encased: a sci-fi post-apocalyptic RPG review
by MrSpanky

A good homage to the classics but with unsatisfying endings regardless of the time and care you put into it.

The 70's sci-fi -post-atom style has a distinct personality that lets you forget the slow pace of some parts and the fetch quest nature of some tasks.

The confined dome map is interesting to explore, especially once you unlock a vehicle.

Combat is, for the most part, fair, if you have taken the precaution to have spare weapons that deal different types of damage, otherwise you will do zero damage based on enemy resistances. No cover system. Remaining action points can be used to bolster defence and should be managed carefully.

Survival aspects (sleep, food, water, radiation) are not overwhelming, although fatigue (sleep) will trigger often during many actions (digging, scavenging, companion healing). Fortunately the game gives enough free rest zones and opportunities to horde cups of coffee.

Annoying is the inventory management and crafting, which will require the player to have all the crafting items in your inventory, despite having personalized unique storage chests available. "Encumbered" will be a constant reminder.

Faction reputation management is not explained in detail and will lead to the multiple unsatisfying endings.

Get in on sale.