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Imposter Factory review
by Pelikant

(may contain some small spoilers)

I played through the game in two parts.

Impostor Factory starts out really strong, I even gave it an "exceptional" for it's layered mature themes, the good soundtrack and some actually funny dialogues. I was really eager to know how this mysterious story unfolds and ready for the big emotional impact, even if Act 2 was kinda repetitive (high school).

But the second part of my playthrough ruined everything. The dramatic climax, the empathy and compassion for the characters, everything was worthless, because it has no real meaning in the end, at all. It feels like Kan Gao had written down the first chapters of a book, never finished it and stitched some weird and overcomplicated fan service fan fiction end to it, just to sell it as a whole story!

I really love Kao Gaos/Freebirds work, but this one is (sadly) by far the worst and could have been told otherwise (comic/minigame).
«Disappointment of the year»