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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition review
by Haky232

I wanted to play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 because Pyra and Mythra were announced as DLC for smash bros Ultimate.
I thought to myself i can't play the second game without playing the first one before so i got to work.

In the beginning, i was really hyped and emersed myself into the setting and Atmosphere , but the first hour or so there was happening so much that you really didn't got a proper introduction to the characters. One of them dies in the beginning and you and the game want you to feel bad about it, but i didn't sorry i don't care about a character i was introduced by 10 min ago. Anyway now we have our main plot point why we have to go on an adventure.

The combat is really repetitive and even with other weapons or characters its just straight-up boring. The Worldbuilding is really great and its always fun to venture around every new passage you come by, but that's the point every new area is just a tube-like passage with nothing to explore.

The story was ok but i wasn't too into it, in the end, i was just plain bored of it and i just wanted to game to end because everything was just tedious with the combat system.

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There are some interesting conceptual moments here, however, the general idea is clearly laid for people slightly younger than me.  It was interesting to play, there are quite deep mechanics of combat and management, but flaws (e.g. awkward movement  and poor side quests) creep in.

Overall, I am a little disappointed considering how much time was spent, however this is still a very good game, far beyond the current low conceptual standards.
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