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Sniper Elite review
by NikTheZocker

When I have baught the entire series in sale, I did not much expect from the first part. I was totally wrong. This game was ahead of it's time and of all the games I have played, I have never played a game of such an age with similar mechanics. Especially the sniping without any aim asstistance that would make it incredibly easy was quite an expiriance. The for our times "bad" graphic makes the war atmosphere even more disgusting and real.
I already always thought that old graphics are making dead bodies look more horrifying and the screams, bomb explosions and never ending gun fire in the background are making you feel like being really in Berlin 1945 (or at least a pretty accurate feeling how it could have been). In the end I'm glad that I haven't skiped this one. This proves me again right that one should always play a game series in the chronological order.
Old but gold!

4/5 (Only because the controls could use some modern fine tuning.)

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Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game has some interesting Features (E.g. bullet camera, Motion speed variably over Mouse wheel) and opens the Sniper Elite series. You can have fun with the Game despite the Flaws (the controls are cruel, the Player moves while Running As if on Skates) when you bring some Patience. At the time of The Show, however, it was only an average Shooter (Gamestar awarded a Rating of 67%). Don't quite understand the predominantly postive Ratings. The Game today has only nostalgic Value and is not good enough to recommend it. By The way, Sniper Art of Victory (despite the mostly negative Reviews there) is the better Sniper game from that Era.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Classical review "Sniper Elite" Is a sniper shooter from 2005. Berlin in the last Days of World War II. He and May 1945. Russian Forces are pouring into the Capital. Between the Fronts are we, a member of an American Special Forces unit, designed to prevent highly sensitive Information from falling into the wrong Hands. And so we sneak through the badly troubled Berlin, in which both Sides are hostile to us, we look for informants or eliminate Target persons. In addition to our Sniper Rifle, we also have a Pistol with Silencer. We can Pick up any Weapon from switched off Enemies. So we can also theoretically balloon through the Area with a Machine Gun. However, this is not Advisable. Because the numerically mostly far superior Opponents shoot quite purposefully. So better to go unseen and work at a long Distance. In doing so, we should take as stable a position as possible, stop the Air and consider ballistic Principles. Especially successful Shots are tracked with their own Camera. The Locomotion happens from a Third-person perspective, aiming and shooting from the first person. And the sniper mechanics work pleasingly well well and immersively. The Production is Astonishingly strong. The Setting is particularly frightening due to the successful Sound, which keeps dull bones and stifled Screams constantly present. The Cutscenes are also well set to music, although the Speakers don't always hit the Situation. Unfortunately, the Game has also aged amazingly badly on some Points. While the Graphic Was already ugly in 2005, the Texture machine is, from today's Point of view, part of a long-gone Era. The Movement has not always succeeded, one is stuck on Corners again and again. Refreshingly strong, on the other hand, the AI shows up. This is not only accurate, but also takes Cover and tries and surprises. Rating: 8/10 Atmosphere 7/10 Story 5/10 Graphic 8/10 Sound 7/10 Game Mechanics 7/10 Balancing 7/10 Game Pass (technical Ratings always include the Year of Publication) Conclusion: Immersion with strong Aging tracks. 7/10 Overall Rating