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Metroid Dread review
by HuibFG

Pacing is off, half of the power-ups are useless because you’ll get an upgrade half an hour later, the game is very short, EMMI start out scary but turn tedious very quickly, writing is poor and minor story beats are nonsensical, ADAM (your AI) keeps telling you stuff that the game already told you a couple minutes before, exploration is disappointing since the game tends to close off all routes except the one correct one, power-ups are unsurprising and one of the later ones completely trivialises all combat except for bosses, boss fights consist of running, shooting missiles and QTEs and are very trial-and-error, controls are uncomfortable and complicated, music is forgettable … I do not like this game at all.
Some positive points: EMMI are very scary in the beginning, it runs on 60FPS (I think) and tends to do so quite consistently, the death screen is very cool and reloading after death is quite quick, the game reminded how absolutely amazing Hollow Knight and Metroid Prime are (which you can get for a lot less than €55,-).