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Back 4 Blood review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Concise Review:


Great: Deck building. Rogue lite mechanics.

Good: Guns and attachments system.

Fine: Art style and graphics. Gunplay

Bad: Gun sounds are kind of lame. Character design and dialogue.

Awful: Way too difficult to find games for a game that forces you to always play online. I should be able to continue my runs from where I left off.

Journal Style Review:

Opening day impressions were pretty meh but I played solo and then realized you don’t gain any progression from playing solo. So it was essentially a total waste. They really want you to play online so I havnt really experienced the game yet. The gunplay felt a bit off at first. But I have been messing around with the settings and I think I’m getting a better feel. I am intrigued by how the “run” mechanics work. That might be unique and fun.

I understand more about how the individual runs and deck building works after playing online and getting supply points. Such a dumb decision for them to have that single player mode that doesn’t progress anything. So far I don’t think the actual zombie gunplay is that good, but I like the idea of building a deck and how the runs carry over. So hopefully the gunplay grows on me and the run mechanics have a lot of depth to them. We will see.

I want to continue my run at a later time, like the game says I should be able to do, but it takes soo long to find a game. Painfully long, as in I’ve never found one. I googled it and I think it’s a bug. Frustrating though because I am close to beating the section and I had a good build. I wish I could just spawn with bots until someone else joins. I know you can play with bots in online mode because that’s what happened when I played quick play. Why can’t I do it on my own run?

I feel like something has changed with the game and now my guns lock on to targets when I ADS. It feels a bit better. It still doesn’t feel as good as world war Z though. The game structure and amount of content might be better, but I liked the look and feel of WWZ more. Zombies look fine in this one but not that interesting. The characters are very generic and some of the lines have been awful. I’ve only seen a few levels so far and they have been fine but again they haven’t been very exciting locations. Still, the deck building and the mini rogue lite systems I am enjoying. I am drawn in to keep playing.

Alright day 3 and I have a lot of thoughts. I’m finding the game fun, addicting and frustrating. My main complaint is that the game doesn’t let you continue runs like it should. So it forces you to play for a long time or you lose your build. It’s especially frustrating because you can play online with bots. So why the fuck doesn’t the game just let you start with bots and people can join in when able. It needs to be fixed. It’s a bug. Second complaint. The difficulty needs balancing. Specifically for the first couple levels of a run. I was playing on veteran and could never find real people when starting the campaign from my farthest checkpoint, so it was always with bots. I failed the first mission like 8 times in a row because I never had good enough gear and the bots suck dick. Finally I got an easy enough card draw and a reasonable gun off the start and I made it past the first level. I proceeded to finish 7 levels in a row (3 mini acts). I had to leave so that run is now lost since I’ll never be able to continue it (until it’s patched). But it was so much easier the longer I progressed. That’s backwards. It shouldn’t be like making it past the first mission is a hurdle and then it’s smooth sailing afterwards. It should get harder the longer the run goes. Or it should be closer to a consistent difficulty. That being said, I’m liking the game. The gunplay feels better than I originally thought. The guns and attachments are pretty standard but they feel decent enough and the attachments make a noticeable difference. My favourite part of the game right now is the deck building. It’s really growing on me. 

Too much waiting for people to select their cards before missions. I should be able to open the shop before everyone joins rather than just have to sit there for 3 minutes.

Current Score: B+