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Ryse: Son of Rome review
by NikTheZocker

Gladiator meets God of War
This is a tough one. One of those moments, in which I would like to have a something between recommended and not recommended. So, where to start?
First, this game probably is the wet dream of ancient Rome lover, but the worst nightmare for every historian, but no one really every said it is historically accurate after all and it doesn't have to be. The graphics and designs are on point and so satisfying to look at, eventhough I got constantly reminded on Assassin's Creed's pieces of Eden designs by looking at Marius' (the protagonist) or at other romans armour. The whole scenerie of Rome in this game is one by far more andvanced than it definitely has been in the real world. Sometimes I got the feeling the developer team couldn't really decide, if they wanted to make something cool looking or historically accurate looking, but it turned out fine in my opinion.
The Story on the other hand... it's basically the movie Gladiator all over again with way more action and with slight differences. The acting of the voice actors is beyond amazing, I have to admit. I rarely came across such real acting in a game. Though, the story seems a bit hasty and trys to seem deeper than it actually is. The role of the barbariens, all depicted kinda the same, which is fitting for a roman point of view really, is kinda stupid. On the one hand they're evil on the other they're not wrong either and in the end Rome is the best choice one can always take, if it's politicians wouldn't be so bad and stupid and evil. So, how does one solve such a problem? Yes, military! I know it's a action/fighting,war game with a soldier as protagonist, but the whole thing is a bit lost in over used patriotism and even propaganda like messages. Still, I had fun playing the campaign, eventhough it's incredibly short. With only 5 hours it is not much longer than the usual Call of Duty story.
The gameplay is nice, but gets boring pretty fast. Especially because it's too damn easy, even on the higher difficulties. In the end I saw many missed opportunites in this title, which is sad. It definitely had a lot of potention.
All in all: Nice idea - please more like this, but more development time and improvements in gameplay, maybe like the God of War titles.
Oh and the port from the Xbox to the PC kinda suck. Sometimes it is stuttering (not much and it is not influancing the gameplay, but it is there) and you can't turn off the controller vibrations, the worst thing ever invented. But for one playthrough it is fine.


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very pretty, very short, repetitive combat.  maybe a sequel eventually? this could be your God of War, Microsoft.
Amazing game great well-written cinematic story, satisfying gameplay, and gorgeous graphics enjoyed the experience.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
a short game with a really good historical story with mythical elements and fun and impactful combat, a bit repetitive but a good game and it's only 7h, 7\10
Visually impressive, especially for its time. The combat was overly simple to the point where it got boring pretty quick. This game was forgettable. 

Final Score: B
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
After Ryse also appeared on PC, I absolutely had to play it, as I already found it interesting when it came out exclusively for the xbox. So slammed and played in the Sale. And the first thing that stands out positively is certainly the Graphics, which is really good, even on middle Settings. And the Animations in the kill moves have also succeeded really well, just like the Moves themselves. But first of all, something about the general Gameplay: You can block and beat. And execute a heavy Blow. And if you've beaten the Opponent long enough, you can start the kill move at The touch of a button and then have to press different Buttons to get more XP as the Animation goes through. And the Gameplay doesn't offer more. You still walk along a hose section with your Soldiers in Turtle Formation or serve one or the other Gun, throw with Spears, but that's it. That sounds vllt to one or the other now. Not after much and it's not so seen, but for the 6 Hours of the Campaign it's enough To entertain. To the Story: You play a Legionnaire whose Family was murdered by Barbarians before his own Eyes in Rome. You Then travel to Britain and fight against them to take Revenge, but after some Time you find out a bit unsightly ... I don't want To say more about the Story. And the Multiplayer doesn't itch me!!! (Have played it only a Few hour, it is not worth it) Verdict: For 6 Hours of Play + vllt. 2-3 in Multiplayer should be best waited for a Sale and take with you for €5. And for the Price, you're definitely not doing anything wrong.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Ryse: Son of Rome Knapp 10 Years ago has been since Capcom's Shadow of Rome tied up in front of the Screen and amazed me. Now, in March 2015, despite all the negative Recessions, I got myself Crytek's Romaic Roast For €15am and spent my Weekend on it. First of All, I'm still amazed. On a purely technical Point of View, nothing can be done about Ryse at the moment. Textures, Character Models, Architecture, lighting Effects everything looks fantastic. The successful German Voiceover, in Combination with the thoroughly entertaining Story, creates atmosphere and makes my Fear of having thrown Money out of the Window quickly. I particularly liked:-beautiful Technology-great architecture, imposing Buildings and great Road Trains-many different Settings (City, Swamp, caves, Laundry, etc.)-great scripted Events-successful setting-good, freely invented history-dense Atmosphere-fun (arena) Multiplayer-dispensing with love Story-catchy Combat System less pleasing me:-absolutely no Gameplay Variations-little different Opponent models-Weak boss fights-Marius ' Dog vision .. -only 4 Hours (impressive) Single-player Conclusion: As indicated above, my Reference is to which Ryse must be measured by which Shadow of Rome must be Measured. This is due, on the One hand, to the setting, but also to the Gameplay, where both have many Parallels. Unlike SoR, Ryse dispenses with Sneaking Insoles and Chariot Races, which doesn't make it any worse for me as I like to give up it before it's implemented half-way. The Bottom Line is that a well-staged, catchy, scripted and hose level hack is technically looking for its Equal. I've already put on more money worse. Friends of Rome and the light action reach out.
For some reason, this was one of the first games that I’ve downloaded to my mint-new Xbox One. Being the exclusive (keeping in mind that Xbox and Windows share most of their ‘exclusive’ game library), this game doesn’t bring anything new to the button-mashing slasher genre, obviously, it’s just what it is: a conventional way to kick off the new console generation. The game has some charm to it: non-zero-effort setting (think alternative history of Roman Empire with a touch of Hollywood cheesiness) and a very dynamic, sometimes even twitchy and hectic, combat system. It evoked memories of a similar fighting style of Batman: Arkham Asylum, a bit less polished, though. And I don’t want to revisit most of the boss fights. I mean, I rarely do any game replay, but some of them caused me quite a bit of frustration, on par with MGS3 boss battles. Ryse is a great way to spend two or three evenings, though, good art direction and overall solid visual design left me craving more game time. A good way to start playing this game with some historical perspective is to read some of Mary Beard’s works about Ancient Rome, or just watch the gory and seedy HBO’s “Rome” series.
A very nice and underrated hack and slash game. I'd say it is one of the best X-box games.