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Disciples: Liberation review
by MrSpanky

Strange game. Feels like a pseudo mobile game, with annoying resource gathering based on timers and small simplified battlefields.

Medium-long game, with a lot of unit customization.

Good visuals, altough some of the asset placement seem random generated. Voice acting is acceptable for the main characters but the secondary ones are laughably bad.

Game difficulty all over the place. One fight your squad will not suffer a single loss and the next you get wiped because of a single wrong choice out of the hundred you make in a fight. Option to auto-conquer fights sometimes doesnt let you kill enemies 5 levels below and at the same time you can auto-kill some 2-3 levels above you...

Faction reputation balancing on a dark fantasy game means choosing the less horrible faction.

Half-assed ending requiring to replay the entire game for the "real" ending.

Loot gaining is unsatisfactory for the first half of the game and no so is its major flaw: money issues. Even with a fixed unit setup and minimal changes in troops and upgrades you will constantly be out of money. The auto-regenerating supplies means you will leave the game idle while doing house chores and come back and gather money once a while. Not fun.

Couple bugs with empty lootboxes, restarting quests and audio cut-offs.

Get in on sale.
«Game over at last!»