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Unpacking review
by Karen Wan

Rarely does a game like this come along. I couldn't stop playing until I finished, and wished it would never end! Very wholesome and relax puzzle game where you unpack from moving boxes and place your stuff. The charm of this game is how it tells a story without even showing any actions, it's all in the items you unpack. If you're observant, you can even detect subtle changes and what that might mean for your character. I loved all the nerdy stuff in there and I just kept relating to the things that I would unbox.  
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit back and relax»
«That ending!»

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I know it's meant to be a very casual/zen kind of game, but I was a bit disappointed with Unpacking. That's mostly to do with my expectations - it's been so hyped and lauded and I thought that there must be something else to it other than just an unpacking sim. And of course, there is. Unpacking slowly unfolds a life of interests, ambitions and relationships, telling a story through the various objects you unpack and the various homes the protagonist lives in. The process of slowly sifting through boxes of belongings is weirdly compelling and satisfying, but I couldn't help feeling like I wanted more of an emotional arc, or an increase in the complexity of the story being told. But maybe that's really just too much to expect from a game that's meant to be ultimate chill vibes. The music, sound design and pixel art were fantastic though!
Beautiful little game and unconventional way to follow a person's story. Really enjoyed the zen-like nature of it and got great satisfaction from putting everything in its place. Not super long but just right :
«Sit back and relax»