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Alan Wake Remastered review
by Graham Kaletsky

If you like Alan Wake, this is Alan Wake

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first things first: what was the coffee thermos ?!?!?! i questioned that during the whole game. ig health regenerates faster ??? i could never figure it out lol

i had to think a bit about how to rate this game. it took me a while to warm up to it. the beginning episodes don't do it justice, mostly because the story is just starting to pick up. the combat mechanics sound cool on paper, but they get repetitive REALLY quickly. i would say that was the main downside for me. it's tough to rate a game from 2010 with 2024 experience though, so i don't wanna focus too much on what it lacks in mechanics.

story is kinda interesting ? weird and surprising for sure, but it didn't really hit for me? the pacing was nice, a lot of diversity from the cinematics and the manuscript pages. it was enough to keep me going, but i was a bit done with it by the end. Alan has boring and generic straight-white-male vibes. some parts were so funny though, you can feel the Remedy humour and i love that! the hospital patient who was a game developer and has a breakdown about producers felt like such a meta-character. also, the QR codes ? i loved t h a t. 

even though it has a couple of misses, i've never really played a game like it. it makes me super excited to play the second one tho, so it definitely did its job in my eyes.
Second time trying to play this. First time I played with a buddy and I’d guess we made it a quarter or a third through the game before deciding neither of us were really into it. I’m giving it another go because I’ve hear Alan Wake 2 is so good and I want to play it so I might as well play the first, and it’s on PS+ so what to lose.

I’m on the second episode. I like the atmosphere. It’s pretty spooky playing at night in the dark with my brand new expensive headphones. I’m intrigued to see where the story will go. Gameplay is meh at best so far. This feels like the type of game I will play for shorter sessions because the gameplay loop is boring.

The gameplay is just barely growing on me but the story has been cool.

Beat it. I was ready to be done by the end. The gameplay got boring. I also don’t really get the story. I got bits but I think I missed lots. 

Final Score: B
Really enjoyed this game. I think the gameplay is good for the most part but there are a few sections where you can tell it was a 360 game. I also feel it runs a little long but it's still a very enjoyable experience. 
«Oh God i managed it»
Same issues as the original with it being a faithful remake. Combat became a slog by the end, but the atmosphere and Remedy’s incredible storytelling ability is what pushes you through. 
«Beaten more than once»
Alan Wake Remastered does a decent job of updating Remedy’s classic survival horror to look like a current generation game.