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Raji: An Ancient Epic review
by HuibFG

Mythology is cool and it’s cool to see a game based on a mythology we haven’t seen a million times already. I learned some stuff and want to know more. 
The art style is very nice and the cut scenes are in the style of shadow puppets, which looks great and is a very clever way to avoid making time-consuming high-end cinematics. 
It is very much the first game of this developer, so it is a bit rough around the edges; combat can be somewhat button-mashy, boss fights can be tedious, movement is slow, graphics could be a bit sharper and voice acting and music could be more lively. 
I enjoyed this game and want to see what Nodding Heads Games can do when they’ve gained some more experience and perhaps have some more time and money for development!
If you want to play this, I would suggest looking for a discount, because with the stuff I mentioned before and the short duration of the game €25,- is steep. 

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I REALLY want to give this an 'exceptional' rating but the awful combat bogs it down. Everything else is amazing.