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Jetpack Joyride review
by Graham Kaletsky

Played the crap out of this on my ipod touch.  Remember those days?  Jelly car 'n' shit.  I'm nostalgic for it, even though it wasn't a great time in my life.  It's wild how hindsight can be, erasing much of the negative, the mundane, the annoying or boring or frustrating.  I have memories of those things, but they don't come to mind when I think of the time through the lens of nostalgia.  I remember the feelings of the time.  I was in high school, and your emotions are just so much more then, when you are a kid.  I remember having feelings about school, about popularity, about myself, my classmates and teachers, about girls, drugs, politics.  Feelings that I still have but are so much more dull now.  What Karli thinks of me doesn't dictate my worth, or my happiness or anything like that.  It did then though, it was so important to be liked. To be liked by anybody or everybody, but especially the right people, and the list of right people always begins with a crush.  I remember my friends from then, I remember feeling like they would be my friends forever, and thay we would accomplish great things.  That my freinds band would blow up.  That I'd be a famous chef.  That the world was our oyster, and all that was keeping us from it was school.  but school ends, and then life goes all sorts of directions you hadn't predicted.  I barely talk to anybody from back then, these days.  Some of them seem so different from what I see on social media.  And seeing that just fuels the nostalgia.  Nostalgia for when things were good.  When my friends and I shared ideals and important moments in our lives.  But I suppose thats growing up in a school system.  You're surrounded by the same people for years, and at a point in life when a year seemed eternal, now it seems ephemeral.  days pass in an instant as you get older.  weeks feel like nothing.  Remember how long a week felt in high school and earlier? It was substantial.  And it mattered. what day it was mattered becasue it determined your classes, and therefore who you would see that day.  your best friend? your crush? that one kid that you would never hang out with outside of class, but always seemed to have a good time with in class.  Everything felt like it mattered so much, and now its easy to see it barely mattered at all.  Contra to today, where the decisions I make are so much more impactful on my life, yet nothing seems to carry the weight of even simple decisions from those days.  Will I take this class or this one? Will I go to this party or this one?  And maybe that is why jelly car, why Rope 'n' Fly, and why Jetpack Joyride resonated so much with us children of the time.  They were simple.  They had decisions that didn't matter even at the time.  They were fun and easy and didn't leave room for judgement.  They allowed me to, for a moment, even during school, to forget that I cared so much about what was going on.  Does this girl like me? Am I ready for the test next block? Was I an asshole at lunch? Hold on, I can't think about that right now, I'm about to hit my PB in Jetpack Joyride.  I remember my friend Cole showing me the game. I remember how I felt about him then.  How I felt about him before he started dating my ex, and got all weird and bro-y.  This game makes me think of geometry class.  I don't have many memories of geometry class, but I remember playing Jetpack Joyride instead of paying attention.  I remember sitting next to Mary who would playfully chastise me for not paying attention.  I remember my teachers goofy voice.  I remember during the final when Kaitlyn said she hopes she doesn't end up sitting next to me, not realizing I was standing behind her.  I think I have more postitive memories then negative from that time, but definitely more negative memories from within the building.  Yet in the building distractions were forbidden, where you need them most.  Not on the outside where fun was much easier to come by.  But it wasn't a phone, so i got away with using my ipod touch more than I should have.  I remember writing notes in it then blatantly cheating on tests.  running the earbud up my shirt and under my long hair to listen to music instead of the teacher.  playing with stupid apps that made it look like I had a beer, a lighter, or a lightsaber.  Or just flying my jetpack down the longest hallway you've ever seen in Jetpack Joyride.  The game itself is nothing special, but my memories of it, and associated with it are.

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Translated by
Microsoft from French
the game is excellent but I'm missing new costumes, new gadgets and especially new missions that would offer new rewards and I thought of a new vehicle but I do not really know what, apart from maybe an earthworm that would leap from a single shot above the ground. it would be a multiplayer mode for example a tournament server or the one that makes the best score wins and it would not be possible to buy bonuses. So it would be good new scientists and new colors because after the sector 10 everything is multicolor and it would be nice to be able to at least reach the sector 15 without it being always the 11 who comes back or that at the end of a moment the scientists start to attack us which would give an interest to the repulsive gadget of scientists. here are some ideas thank you
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
So this game is mega cool and somehow one of the best offline games I know you play it you play it and can not stop but I deleted it on my old phone and that has its reasons: I personally always want to unlock the jetpacks they are just totally expensive and I do not have time in the world to sit 12 hours every day to get a jetpack so I have school and homework and friends and so on ... I think it should give such a butto where you get a random car ... I find personally better then I would vlt the game. Also a bit crazy playing. To the people who complain about the advertising but to turn on flight mode then you have no advertising. Actually, I should give 4 stars because of the point I mentioned but the game has earned the 5 stars
Translated by
Microsoft from Dutch
If an advertisement comes after a game, the spin token machine no longer works !!!! Then you have to close the app completely and you have lost all your tokens from that game! I have been playing for about half a year now and have certainly lost more than 50 tokens! Very frustrating. (There is also something to tell about the prices, 5.49 (!) For an extra gadget box ...) In addition to the prizes and the commercials, the game is ok, a little more variation in the missions is allowed ... I always get the same missions and it gets annoying. Maybe the following is a little too much to ask, but I would really like it if there were new gadgets. I have been playing this game for quite a while now and have unlocked all the gadgets and I am on mission rank 130 and my high score is 21k, I can now also try to buy all suits and jetpacks but then you only have more of the same . I think the game is really great! Really a mobile classic, but there are certainly areas for improvement if you ask me. Thank you so much for reading, I know it won't make much difference whether I write this or not, but never shot is always wrong.