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Gato Roboto review
by markbass69

I do like a lot about this game and I also like how it's a pretty glaring example of a game other than Axiom Verge or Environmental Station Alpha that's more Metroid than Vania. I don't mind the length (Carrion, another pretty short game, is one of my favorite Metroidvanias). The issue is that the length is a detriment to the backtracking and ability-gated design. There's really only two transformative power-ups - the missile and screw attack, both shamelessly taken from Metroid, which is fine - and one other ability that you don't really use outside of the dungeon its in. There's some combat power-ups that require completionism, which I guess is ok in a short game, but feel like ticking boxes by the last couple collectibles. I usually prefer short games but this is an odd one that would have benefitted from one or two more areas and another power-up or two and connect them all more intricately.

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A beautiful omage to the old Metroid games and retrogames in generel.
Te movement feels crisp and the artstyle is on pont. 
Absolutely loved the visuals, animation, humor, and the unlockable "skins" are a nice touch. But I feel like it lacks testing. I gave up on it when I accessed an area by mistake, that I was not equipped to reach yet, and I couldn't get out, so I was just trapped in a limbo being unable to move back or advance.
«Buggy as hell»
Hilarious AND fun
This is a solid little game, the problem is it's a solid LITTLE game. It took me less than three hours to pull 84% completion and I have no interest to return to it. Plays a lot like a Metroid title (maybe a little too much at times) but it's just very basic. Unremarkable.