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Codename: Gordon review
by Kyle Weber

The gameplay feels tedious even though the overall gameplay only lasts an hour, the controls are sloppy, the level design is boring.  While it's fine to have a game serve as an homage to another game or series, this game takes it way, way too far, doing nothing with the story elements provided by the larger Half-Life Series and including a bunch of immersion breaking in-jokes that make me roll my eyes at the dialogue.  It is not a good sign when literally all the dialogue is immediately skippable and the skip option is displayed as prominently as the dialogue tree options.  Unlike the flash 2D version of Portal, this game did not reimagine any of the core Half Life game's mechanics to accommodate the 2D restrictions on movement and aiming.  I appreciate it basically amounts to a fan tribute but I didn't even bother finishing the final boss fight because I was so bored with the whole thing.  Not recommended.
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»