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Lake review
by mgr33d

In some ways, this is the most depressing game of the year. 

There's no rush here, no points, no score, no enemies to fight. Just simple, peaceful story to follow, with some decisions to make. And some awesome music in the radio. That's it. 

And for this pleasant representation of a simpler life, I give it "recommended" :).
«Sit back and relax»

Other reviews2

A short game that lets you spend a couple of weeks with a character as she returns to her hometown to help her father. You cover his postal job while he's away and drive around a lovely little town. Nothing world changing but tbh it was a nice change of pace for me too.
Grabbed it on game pass coz it sounded chill and was pleasantly surprised to find I could initiate a wlw romance in the game! And it was super sweet! Always a nice bonus.

It's a bit juddery at times even on Xbox One X so could probably do with a tune up. Overall worth a punt esp on game pass.
«Sit back and relax»