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Magical Vacation review
by Malictory

This game is a great title to play for anyone wishing for an SNES-Esque RPG, but a bit more streamlined than you'd expect:O 
You play as magicians who get whisked to a strange world! You, the protag, must seek them out in the world of the weird, battling serial puppet killers, demon centipedes, really incompetent gangster mice, dodo eaters, meltikiss(The Candy), and even a mummy:D
There's tons of spirits to gain in this game (112, in fact!), and by doing so, you can summon them in battle, and really show the enemy what overkill is! But watch out, for they can do the same to you!
The game is pretty short all things considered, but you'll be grinding a while, as RPG Fans do:O
So get your textbooks ready and get to studying, it's Magical Vacation!!!

WARNING and SPOILER WARNING: In the English Patch, there are numerous points in the game where it will softlock!
The softlock points are as follows
-Having Blueberry in the party before the Fennel Fight!
-One of the Treemen in the Treeman Colony!
-One of the Water People in May Village if you talk to them with Blueberry!
-The rightmost pot at the entrance to the final boss room!