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Escape from Tarkov review
by Schexsse

My stance of calling this game "Meh" is purely tentative. I have over 2000 hours played and still play off and on. The game is going in a decent direction, but there are still a massive amount of bugs and issues that need to be worked out (AI that bounces between utterly braindead and godlike from patch to patch, frustrating desync issues due to bad netcode, a number of bugs, etc). Once these issues get patched up, it will easily be recommendable, if not an absolutely stellar game.
«Buggy as hell»

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i was an og 1.4 lifer with some time off for bad behavior, but thankfully the dark times gave me a window to game again; tarkov is what we dreamed about 25 years ago. GG General Nikita
Been playing tarkov since release in 2017 and have seen the game evolve throughout the years and let me tell you, this game is a master piece. I have never gotten into a game like I have tarkov. Does it have its problems? Yes, alot of them, including netcode problems, lag, cheaters .etc. But I have yet found a game that has given me what tarkov has. This game is very hard to start. Luckily i started playing when it first launched and with each update learned more. This game still to this day scares me at times, I will be in a map called Interchange solo and will be looting a tech room in silence, and out of nowhere will get shot and feel like I actually got shot. If you play this game and your hand doesnt come flying off your mouse atleast once, then you should go see a therapist, because you are numb inside.
The enviorment is so great, including the sounds. The controls are alot to take in at first, But you shouldnt stress about controls, you will pick up on them eventually. The weapon customization is beautiful. You can mod almost every part of your gun. I can go on and on with how amazing this game is. If your looking for a hardcore survival game that will take many months of your life away from u just to have them wipe it, then this game is for you! I can guarentee the people saying that its a bad game, either 1, doesnt have the time to put in to learn the game, 2, computer cant run it, 3, bought the game, opened it up, played one raid, died, quit the game and got right back on fortnite.
Game is the best!
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
A hard standout in the genre, it constantly evolves and makes you re-think how you go about playing it. In my hundreds of hours of gameplay I did not experience many bugs (and that's what people seem to be complaining about), but have been constantly challenged by the game, and that's what keeps me coming back. For me, it's basically the Ninja Gaiden of survival/tactical warfare games.
Worst waste of 4k rubles, ladies and gentleman. Don't make the mistake I did!  (T_T)
«Buggy as hell»
«Ugly as my life»
bullshit game

it's not fair in any kind. Having alpha walls in the middle of the map, while ragdoll bodys can fall through them, so u cant loot your well deserved stuff.

Besides having a timer to escape + you hydration and food bar, which will also kill you withtin minutes (because everybody knows, people tend to die withing hours without food or water, haha.)

this is the most absurd idiots piece of garbage i have encountered yet, AND THEY DARE TO SELL THIS PILE OF CRAP FOR UP TO A 120 BUCKS

i spit on their entire team. how can u possibly suck so hard at making games

But in all honesty, the sound design is good.

anyway, keep good distance to this game, it sucks.