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Tannenberg review
by Notly

There are very few games about World War I, let alone about the Eastern Front. Perhaps because many people find these wars less spectacular. There are no wild firefights here, as all weapons are mostly single-shot. World War I is a trench warfare and the main tactic is to shoot the enemy and hide, rather than running into a frontal attack.

The main mode of play is to capture and hold sectors under your control. I would like to note the quality design of the maps. Carpathians, Galicia, East Prussia, Poland. Each map has its own special flavor, which reflects the cultural and everyday features of each country.

Each faction has its own themed units:
Entente - Cossacks, Romanians and soldiers of the Russian Empire.
The Triple Alliance - German Infantry, Bulgarians and Austro-Hungarians.

This game is a good example of the very balance that combines hardcore and realism.
«OST on repeat»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Tannenberg is the Successor to Verdun, I now have 2std. Played and must say very fine Thing, big Maps, full weapon selection, through Career Points you can unlock new Weapons, Artillery, MG's and all sorts of other Weapons are freely available on the Battlefield, the Graphics are Mediocrity, the Control Top, the Game Principle remains the same as Verdun, Overall Tannenberg is miles better than Verdun and definitely a very good Ego Shooter in the Action. Kudos to the Developer for the Great Effort!!! Had I mentioned "Early Acces" if I have the Choice preferring now for 20 Euros! The Game is the Money Value even more than that I would put double lying down! And yes it's better like the moldy COD WWII:-D Lg, see you on the Battlefield!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review As a Fan of historical Shooters, I really like this Game. Here is a small List, which is positive and negative: POSITIV-The Graphics on my PC (Lenovo Legion, i5-7300HQ, 8GB RAM, Nividia GeForce 1050) go very fluid on the highest Settings and look really good. Interpixeled tree/offices, etc., such as Heroes and Generals, are searched in vain. -Because some of the enemy Soldiers are KI-controlled, even the worst Player gets some Kills. This ensures great Fun for everyone, whether Gamer or intermediate gamer. -There are many different Weapons to Unlock and Upgrade, but also with the Standard Equipment (no matter which Country) a lot can be achieved. -There are virtually no Bugs or anything like That. -The Sounds in the Game sound very realistic (well, I wasn't in the ww1, but I at least imagine that this is true to the original)-There are also "Glitches" that make the Game seem more realistic, such as that the Magazine has a Loading Imitation, etc.-What I particularly have It is well liked that not every Opponent within a 300m Radius is marked red as in other Games and thus dirty the whole Game. You need a bit before you can assign the different Uniforms to the different Countries, but so I much prefer to slip away into an Arcademodus. -The waiting and Loading Times are very low at a maximum of 30 sec (at least with me). -for only 17.99 Euros, the Game is also very inexpensive NEGATIV-when I watched the Trailers of "Tannenberg," I assumed that there is a Single-player mission mode, which unfortunately is not the Case. This would be a Suggestion For the Developers, because for each map would be loosely 5-6 Missions in it, for each Sector of the Battlefield one. -not 1000 Percent historically correct is that in The Game Romanians fight at Tannenberg (which, according to my Knowledge, DID not happen IN 1914) FAZIT A VERY TOLLES GAME, THE BE GELD ON EVERY FALL WERT IS. EVERY, THE ENTWEDER A SHOOTER-FAN OR GREAT INTERESSIERT IS, EMPFEHLE ICH, THIS SPIEL TO BUY!!!! I hope this Review has been helpful to you! :-) Maybe you can see yourself in the Battle for Tannenberg XD