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INSURGENCY: Modern Infantry Combat review
by Notly

One of the worthy projects of the era of modders on the «Source» engine.

This is a hardcore team-based multiplayer shooter. No «HUD», no scope, only skill. Weapons are deadly: most rifles are capable to kill your opponent with one or two shots to the torso. It forces you to be careful. Don't run straight ahead.

The game takes place in the «Middle East». There are 2 sides: «US Marines» vs «Insurgents». There are several classes in the game: Rifleman, Support Gunner, Engineer, or Marksman. Two teams has 2 squads with 4 players each. Available slots can be taken by your teammates, so it will not be the case that everyone will be playing one class.

The game will be of interest to fans of «Call of Duty: Modern Warfare».