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by Гриха Винокуров/grihajedy

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Only two hours in and I wish I could keep the cute little Shade company 24/7, as I don't want him to be too bored. Die hard explorers will initially have a hard time deciding where to go since most forks in the road lead to three more forks. Eventually everything will look familiar though, it's only a matter of remembering where you've been.

Impressive aspects of this game:
-he can occupy himself by drawing, making music or even reading books (yes you can read all 2500 pages of Moby Dick)
-it's counting down 400 days second by second but it can go faster is he's not too bored
-some parts of the caves get unlocked after a few weeks due to needing to wait for moss to grow or a pool to get filled drop by drop, you just have remember how to find it again!
-don't worry, you can make him automatically walk back home or even make him walk to a random place. There's just no way to make him walk faster, not for impatient people!

I'm looking forward to checking in on my little buddy for the next 399 days.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»