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Garry's Mod review
by Гриха Винокуров/grihajedy

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Avoid the servers where people are just lunatics and there are some exceptional game modes here
Garry's Mod 
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
It's the best of times, it's the worst of times
It is one of the first and most famous games of this genre, providing players with a virtual space for experiments.

Complete creative freedom:
The game allows players to do almost anything they want. You can create your own objects, experiment with physics, build complex machines and even create your own games inside «Garry's Mod». A special feature of the game is that it allows you to use objects and models from other Source engine games, such as «Half-Life 2», «Team Fortress 2», «Counter-Strike», etc.

Active Community:
The mod has a huge and active community of players who regularly create and share new maps and other additions.

Allows players to team up to create challenging projects or to play custom modes such as Trouble in «Terrorist Town» and «Prop Hunt».

Game Modes:
«Garry's Mod» has several game modes, from classic «Sandbox» to «RPG» and «Horror» modes, providing a wide variety of options for different players.

If you're looking for a game that allows you to unleash your creativity and spend hours creating your own projects, this is a good choice.
«Blew my mind»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Garry's mod is simply the starkest Shit because you can get yourself on Steam. If you've never played with Friends, you'd have to make up for something. Because if you clap a few Hundred Mods on your Hard Drive, the whole Thing can escalate a bit! In addition, Garrys mod has a huge Community that brings new Mods out into the Workshop every Day, which you can drag onto the Festplatt/SSD with 2 clicks. Pros: VIELE VIELE Workshop Mods, A Giant Community, Large and Chaotic Multiplayer Mode Contra: The Menus can confuse beginners very much as they are very strange and cluttered. All in one, Garry's Mod is a Game for People who are on pretty stupid physical Stuff, and who like to play Multiplayer! :D
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Microsoft from Deutsch
"Garry's Mod-the Kit of the physicist" A claim that is not entirely correct. A Physicist would eventually develop something instead of throwing around with explosive Watermelons and Ovens. The current version of Gmod is based on VALVe's simple Source 1 Engine, which was also used by Half Life 2, EP1 and 2, as well as Portal 1. This is not surprising, after all, this engine is still the spike rider in matters of physics engine. Gmod also offers everything you need to build the most descripted constructions. Drives, Axes, Joints, wheels, etc. With the Physics Gun (other version of the Gravity Gun from Half Life) you even have the possibility to place huge, heavy objects freely. Since Gmod is a Sandbox, there is of course no destination. Instead, you have the opportunity to set yourself one. So there are those who form themselves a Zombie Apocalypse on gm _ construct, or tear down a building in a physical map in various ways. But with such skills, Every game quickly becomes boring, only Gmod is not "Every Game." It's Gmod! That's why it's also standard that the Add-on FOLDER includes 50GB! Much happy, among the 400 Add-ons times to find the Addon that causes a Bug! While many Publishers try To eliminate Mods and game changes, Gmod is completely different. Gmod just thinks to yourself "F * * * it. Let's just let our game be pumped with Mods. Our game will consist of Mods! " Respect, for such a thought. While many Games already support the Workshop, not many are as extensive as the Gmod workshop. If you don't have to build a buck on flying Oven anymore, you can try a server. If you have luck and stay away from the Sandbox server, you also have your peace. There are countless game modes, such as TTT, Sandbox, Sledbuild, Dark RP etc. If you don't feel cultured by it yet, take Cinema! You sit at the PC to sit in a Virtual Cinema and watch a movie there! A real Cinema would be far too normal! Gmod is a great game that greatly supports the support of Add-ons. Thanks to the Features of the Game, you can also create a lot of great things, and do a lot of mist. Flying oven? No problem. You want to crash your game? Try Melons! Hey, let the Sky Color pink! Since the engine even supports the part of the new HDR, the graphics are not a problem either. And Motion Blur, Lens Flare Etc. are all in the Workshop. For little money you get a super Sandbox game with many gamemodes and no borders with Gmod! Clear recommendation!
Fun. And that's all.
«Better with friends»
Garry’s Mod is a good game itself: a sandbox with unlimited opportunities, sounds great. But the community of this game is awful. Most of the players are toxic. One part is annoying and has fun at other players’ expense. Another part takes the rules of the mod is too seriously. As a result, they both ruin the atmosphere and spoil the game. It’s hard to find anyone kind and adequate. This game relies a lot on the community so I can’t praise it without mentioning the problems with the playerbase.
Garry’s Mod is a fun time killer if you know how to entertain yourself. Everything that happens here depends on your imagination only. I like different Half-Life mods, btw, advise you to try The Nyan Cat Gun. I think, the best way to spend time in Garry’s Mod is to pick up a friend and play Hide and Seek with them. Or find somebody on servers. It’s much funnier than hanging around alone.