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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 review
by Merlijn Eskens

The great:
You can actually ride your rides, and it is great! It is one of the first games to feature this and it really improved the game!

The good:
The game starts out great. It offers new options for the user, you can finally leave the grid behind and are free to build your park as you see fit. It also features a "No budget" option for the first time in the rollercoaster tycoon games.

the bad:
Rollercoaster tycoon 3 is not better than 1 or 2. Its graphics are improved, but it has lost the charm that the first games had on its way there.
Rollercoaster tycoon 3 also decreased the difficulty. Where one and two could pose a serious challenge on the long term, RCT3 just allows you to easily earn money and promotes leaving your pc on when the park is profitable.

Other reviews3

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
In short, the Conclusion is That a fantastic Build-up games with moderate Control and terrible Performance Problems (jerking and Crashing, as well as faulty Memory function). Already at The Pc years ago, I loved the Game and actually Tablets are ideal for Build-up games, but some Mistakes have been made in the Port. This is one on one. The Controls were more or less well posted, albeit somewhat fiddly. The annoying Things, however, are that, on the one hand, it likes to crash and the Car Storage Function doesn't even really take hold, which likes to flush half an Hour of Progress. On the other hand, it does not run very smoothly. On my iPad mini 2 (without a doubt faster than my computer At the time) the whole game is already jerking very strongly and I didn't even build tedly 6 of the Park. This could be improved.
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
I Knew very well the title for the desktop version and just now that I was expecting the porting for Mac of the last chapter published, known on the Store the good old RCT3 for iOS. Wow! It'S amazing how they managed to faithfully carry a game, in its complex way, into a smartphone. I really like the work you did. It plays well (not perfect but is still valid) and also has a more than acceptable graphic rendering. You can also manipulate the scenario despite the limitations imposed by the device, as well as you can create practical underground passages. I Honestly believed that I would find much more difficulty in these two ways and instead, here too, the game does its job. I'm also very happy to be able to play in freedom, without any hassle between missions to pounding but with my rhythms and my chances. Other applause goes to the choice of business that does not provide additional costs but in this case I would gladly buy in the app to add the two historical expansions released for the original game. I Admit that their lack takes a lot ' of fun to the game. What else to add? Nothing. You Have done a good job, the game is a timeless classic and, for this reason, it was worth downloading and I have not found any kind of difficulties or bugs. Great. NOTE FOR THOSE who COMPLAIN about THE LACK OF a SELECTOR TO DEFINE THE AREA OF COMPETENCE OF EMPLOYEES: I assure you that the option exists and is not complicated to apply. Just click on the status of the hired workers, from the specific list and, among the various items, you will also find the appropriate one.