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Dandy Ace review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Journal Style Review:

I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a main character so quickly. Took like two minutes for me to realize I hated this dandy motherfucker. The waluigi copy cat evil magician is also awful. I couldn’t tell at first if the game is taking itself seriously and thinks Dandy is this cool handsome magician or if it’s aware of how dumb it is. I don’t think it’s aware. That being said, the card system is intriguing to start and I’m in the mood for a hades clone and this is exactly that.

Okay it’s growing on me. The look and style is awful to the point it’s comical. But I’m having fun trying to figure out what cards and combos are the best. And the slight progression through the permanent unlocks has been enough to not make it frustrating because I die a lot. I’m almost for sure going to play until I beat it once. Unless it’s ridiculously hard I like it enough to win once.

I beat it. Beat The final boss my second run of making it there. I had a really good build. The best part of this game is the card system actually works surprisingly well. I really enjoyed experimenting with different combos. There’s decent motivation to keep playing as there are still plenty of extra cards and perks to unlock and I’m sure the harder difficulties keep it at least challenging. But I’m done. I can’t hear this waluigi fucker talk anymore. 

Final Score: B

Other reviews2

If you like isometric roguelikes but if you wanna play something colorful this is the game you are looking for. In other roguelikes you mostly use perks for autonomy but in this game you combine weapons to create unique way to play your game.  I liked the idea and game was fun.