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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction review
by Violet

I was very skeptical towards this game from the beginning and after all of the controversial news that was leaked through many monthes, but in the end, this game is good, but with a lot of cons.

Overal, it has simple structure, which remind me of GTFO (another 4 ppl co-op pve action). You have 4 big locations, each location has another small maps, with 3 different and random tasks which you can do, or you can do 1 or 2 tasks and then evacuates. Then repeat the same stuff again.

It kind of sounds boring, but this game still can bring you fun. If you have friends or if you are lucky to find nice random people (which happened to me very often for some reason), game will give you a lot of nice emotions, such as team-work, combinations, and tought moments. 

There are a lot of things to unlock and upgrade, such as costumes, weapons, and lore elements, but i wish they add more in the future. 

On other hand, game is very random, some missions can be ultra easy, and some can become super hard depending on many factors, that is impossible to predict.

In general, it is a good game, can bring you fun, especially if you love pve team-based games, it has good story ideas, cool situations, and it's really fun to play. 
«Can’t stop playing»

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Journal Style Review:

Played a few matches on the first night. This likely isn’t going to be my kind of game and I highly doubt it has a long lifespan but I’ll give it a shot. I want to try out the different operators and test out new gear to see if it clicks. It definitely is the type of game where you need to get over the initial hump to figure out the style of the game. My first match my idiot teammate immediately kills the first objective that we needed to safely secure so we failed. That type of shit I think is going to happen a lot at first during low level matches.

I’ve given a shit a few times and it hasn’t drawn me in yet. I really don’t find it fun. Cool stealth objective based gameplay doesn’t work well with randoms online. I may bail on this one pretty quick.

Ya I’m bailing. Not for me.

Final Score: B-