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The Forgotten City review
by Curious_Cat

An enjoyable time loop romp through a little Roman village.

Date Completed: 2022-02-06
Playtime: 7h
Enjoyment: 8/10
Recommendation: Yes!

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This game is a great example of how a small team game can outshine AAA games. In a year filled with timeloop games, this would definitely be the one I'd pick. The whole mystery aspect of the game and slowly piecing everything together feels so good. Then when the bow comes into play and you realize how it is used is awesome. It took a few turns that I didn't expect it too and it was just a very fun play through. I love that the team was able to get so much utility out of the small area of play. A good show of quality over quantity for sure. You can see the Skyrim mod origins in some spots, mainly the zoom in on faces that we are all familiar with, but it stands on it's own and I didn't run into any bugs or issues. Really look forward to what this team does next.
«Just one more turn»
Purely story based games are not normally my cup of tea but I’ve found the first ~2ish hours to be very interesting. The mystery is working. I need to figure out what’s going on.

As far as an “investigation” style of game goes this one’s quite good. I don’t regret playing it so far and I doubt that ever changes.

Beat it with ending 2 and then I went back for ending 4. Ending 4 was pretty good. I’m happy I finished it. I will say I was getting a bit bored for the last hour or two. I wanted the big story beats but wasn’t caring about the personal squabbles of the people by the end. The ending didnt blow me away but it definitely didn’t disappoint. 

Final Score: B
What an amazing story! I had some technical difficulties with the game, but otherwise an unforgettable game.