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Lost in Random review
by jimelest

Extremely remarkable art, narration, story, music and gameplay. The battle system with the dice and the cards is VERY well done, engaging and super fun!

Still some issues with the game:
- it needs some balancing with the coins and the rewards. By the middle of the story I had already unlocked all the cards from the shop. And had no real incentive to even go to the store anymore. There are SO MANY coins around that by the end of the game I had 3000 spare coins, and nothing to spend them on.
- SPOILER: The final battle with the queen is just underwhelming. The fight is hyped up during the whole game, and when you finally get there, is essentially a disappointment. The fight with the mayor of Two town is FAR more difficult than the queen. How is it possible that she doesn’t even have different phases or forms? This suffers from the same issue that Breath of the Wild has: Amazing game, with underwhelming final boss.

Still, highly recommended, specially if you like games like American McGee’s Alice and Little Nightmares. I would just tell you to adjust your expectations with the final boss.

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Nice game but some times repetitive. The story was nice too. 
The story and world are interesting enough to keep you going through to the end. The combats gets rather repetitive fast with lots of weak/useless cards and very small variation of enemies.

Date Completed: 2022-06-01
Playtime: 12h
Enjoyment: 6/10
Recommendation: I could go either way.
It is a cute little game with innovative gameplay and a unique world.